3 stages in Budapest from 6 to 8 May – Corriere.it

3 stages in Budapest from 6 to 8 May – Corriere.it
3 stages in Budapest from 6 to 8 May – Corriere.it
from Marco Bonarrigo

The next edition recovers the program canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic: two stages in line and a time trial through the streets of the capital before returning to Italy on May 9th. the 14th time the Giro starts from abroad

The Tour of Italy does not leave things halfway: reluctantly abandoned in 2020 due to Covid, the Great Departure from Hungary
– the fourteenth from abroad in the history of Pink Race – will come back in 2022. In program three spectacular and very unconventional stages before returning home, on the accessory rest day granted by the International Cycling Union compared to the two scheduled for the big tours. In all they will be four hundred kilometers to discover a fascinating nation and until today little explored by the great cycling.

The first pink jersey will be awarded on Friday 6 May in a close-range sprint, at the end of a fraction in line that starts from Budapest and arrives at the royal castle of Visegrad, in the province of Pest. The final on a slope (5 km at 5%) will skim the group of sprinters, eliminating those less resistant, and will define with a highly qualified ranking the starting order of the stopwatch the next day, which will all develop in the heart of Budapest. The start will be drawn in the historical Heroes’ square and even here the 9200 meters of track will be anything but trivial since after thecrossing the Danube begins the final tear (peaks at 14% in the first part) which, partially paved in paving, will lead to the square of Buda where the finish line will be set. Very fast chronometer in the first part, technical and complicated in the last.

The third stage, from Kaposvr to Balatonfred, a journey to the gigantic Lake Balaton, the sea of ​​Hungary: undulating in the first part, the track becomes flat in the final offering the sprinters the first pure sprint of the 105th edition.

On Monday 9 May the Giro caravan wants to go to Italy: the presentation of the first stages on the national territory scheduled for next week, but already certain that the Peninsula will rise from the South. Clue: last October the governor of Sicily Musumeci greeted the return of the pink race to the island.

For Paolo Bellino, CEO of Rcs Sport, a nation that loves sport will certainly appreciate the Giro d’Italia and offer it a unique welcome to the caravan. Three stages, two for sprinters and an individual time trial in the beating heart of Budapest, will highlight the excellences of Hungary and those of the Giro thanks also to the images transmitted in two hundred countries around the world.

Attila Valter, the Hungarian Fdj runner who last May wore the pink jersey – surprisingly – explained that the feeling of wearing it unmatched and next May all my fellow citizens will be able to experience a little of what I have tried and experience the Giro d’Italia up close.

Budapest – Visegrd: 195 km

a stage for sprinters, slightly undulating across the plain north of the Hungarian capital to skirt the Slovakian border marked by the Danube. Prestigious places such as Szkesfehrvr and Esztergom with its imposing basilica meet. The challenging finish, once you leave the bank of the Danube, requires that from the center of Visegrd you go up for about 5 km at 5% to the royal castle where the first pink jersey will be awarded at the end, probably, of a restricted sprint.

Budapest – Budapest Here: 9.2 km from cronometro

From Pest to Buda, stitching the two souls of the city. Departure from Heroes’ square to head straight towards the Danube. A series of turns punctuate the route until you reach the riverside and parade in front of the Neo-Gothic Parliament before crossing the Danube and walking along the parallel bank. Leaving the river, the final stretch begins (peaks at 14% in the first part) which, partly in paving, leads to the square of Buda where the finish line is located.

Kaposvr – Balatonfred: 201 km

The protagonist is Lake Balaton, the Hungarian sea. After a first part in which through slight undulations you approach the lake, you reach Nagykanizsa and then Hvz with its thermal lake and from there you cross the Balaton region. The landscape called the Provence of Hungary and has ups and downs of volcanic origin. Last 50 km along the coast with only the very short roughness of the Abbey of Tihany. Almost no curves for the first group sprint.

Giro d’Italia, the 13 previous departures from abroad

• 1965 San Marino (Republic of San Marino)
• 1966 Montecarlo (Principality of Monaco)
•1973 Verviers (Belgium)
• 1974 Vatican City
• 1996 Athens (Greece)
• 1998 Nice (France)
•2002 Groningen (Olanda)
• 2006 Seraing (Belgium)
•2010 Amsterdam (Olanda)
• 2012 Herning (Denmark)
• 2014 Belfast (Northern Ireland)
•2016 Apeldoorn (Olanda)
• 2018 Jerusalem (Israel)

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