Weather alert in Campania, the decision on open or closed schools in Naples and in the province

The weather alert (this time yellow in color) was extended by the Civil Protection of the Campania Region, until 11.59 pm on November 4th.

Local rainfall is still expected for Thursday, even with an intense downpour and gusts of wind over the whole of Campania.

This weather picture is associated with a possible localized hydrogeological instability with Yellow level criticalities and possible phenomena of impact on the ground such as:

– Surface runoffs and possible material transport phenomena;

– Possible flooding of underground rooms and those on the ground floor;

– Surface flow of water in roadways, possible phenomena of regurgitation of rainwater disposal systems with overflow and involvement of depressed areas;

– Raising of the hydrometric levels of watercourses, with flooding of the neighboring areas, also due to local criticalities (filling, narrowing, etc.);

– Possible rock falls in several points of the territory;

– Occasional landslides linked to particularly fragile hydrogeological conditions, due to the saturation of the soils even in the absence of precipitation.

The Civil Protection of the Campania Region recommends that the competent bodies keep in place all the measures aimed at mitigating and contrasting the expected phenomena, also in line with the respective municipal plans.

Decision on schools

The new mayor Manfredi for the day of November 3 has left the schools open. Given the persistence of bad weather and the inconveniences recorded in the city, including the collapse of a tree in Posillipo (video) and the flooding in Pianura and in the hilly area, someone hypothesized a possible closure of schools on November 4, but at the moment the the first citizen of Naples has only foreseen the closure of parks and cemeteries for Thursday 4 November.

The decisions of the mayors of the municipalities of the province most affected by bad weather are also awaited. Schools also open in Herculaneum. The post of the mayor Ciro Buonajuto: “The bulletin issued by the Regional Civil Protection has decreed that, from 8.00 tomorrow morning, the critical weather has passed from orange to yellow. Tomorrow, therefore, the schools will be regularly open”.


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