Rome traffic of 03-11-2021 at 13:30

Luceverde Roma Good afternoon from the Stefano Baiocchi Studio editorial staff let’s start by reporting an accident on the ring road accident that causes queues on the external carriageway between the Pisana the video for Rome Fiumicino this last direction still on the connection There are slowdowns with queues at times always outside starting from Laurentina to the Romanina exit due to heavy traffic and for the same reason that I was already we have queues between La Romanina at the exit there are then queues on the Cassia between Tomba di Nerone la Giustiniana to complicate the situation an accident occurred at ‘height of via Barbarano Romano La Flaminia queues for works between Labaro and Saxa Rubra in the direction of the urban center of Rome L’Aquila queue due to an accident between Viale Palmiro Togliatti and via Filippo Fiorentini in the direction of the east ring road in ring road queues at the exit for San Lorenzo up to viale Castrense and the situation remains difficult in the southern quadrant where due to the consequences of the damage to a railway overpass was necessary closure to traffic in via delle Capannelle road is closed in both directions unavoidable the repercussions on Tuscolana is in via Appia Nuova for details of these news dates you can consult the site Roma punto a service to by the ce of the local police of Rome Capital
In collaboration with Luce Verde, infomobility Rome

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