Covid, the shock figures of the dead in 24 hours. Lockdown hypothesis – Libero Quotidiano

Covid, the shock figures of the dead in 24 hours. Lockdown hypothesis – Libero Quotidiano
Covid, the shock figures of the dead in 24 hours. Lockdown hypothesis – Libero Quotidiano

Benedetta Vitetta

November 03, 2021

Angela Merkel wants to copy the Austria model. And, where and when necessary, think about imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated. In short, putting them in lockdown because from now on in Germany it will no longer be enough to simply have a negative swab. This was confirmed directly by the chancellor who, days ago during a meeting with the deputies of the Union, a popular group formed by the Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian-Social Union (CSU), said she was in favor of a hard line against of those who do not agree to be vaccinated.

In particular, Merkel said she was “particularly worried” about the recent one surge in new infections. The Länder in which the greatest infections are being recorded are Thuringia, Saxony and Bavaria, where, in recent days, incidences of contagion have been reported among 280 and 306 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. And to aggravate the pandemic picture is the fact that, for some time, the vaccination campaign has shown a notable slowdown: to date, only 66.7% of the German population has received a complete “primary” vaccination course (without third dose). In the last 24 hours, they registered 194 deaths, “the pandemic of the unvaccinated”, said the German health minister Jens Spahn. “In some regions the places of intensive care I’m again almost insufficient“, he added, underlining that” wanting to close the pandemic state of emergency does not at all mean that the pandemic is over “.

STRONGER RULES – Among the measures now being studied there would be the obligation of daily tampons in the workplace. Further restrictions could be based on the rule that allows access to public places open to the public only to vaccinated or cured of Covid and not also to those who, not vaccinated, have taken a quick swab. But if for the moment Berlin excludes a new lockdown, no one already forbids individual municipalities and the Länder from moving independently, giving the green light to new restrictions.

Among the first to move in this direction are large companies and multinationals that have decided to completely eliminate the tampon in the workplace. The idea is to open the canteens only to vaccinated people or to those who have a certificate of recovery from Covid who will be able to circulate without a mask. On the other hand, those who do not have these two requirements will have to continue wearing the mask, will have shifts for meals and will have to respect the distancing rules. In short, he will not be left at home, he will be able to work but following a different protocol than the other colleagues.

TRIP THE ALARM IN CHINA – Meanwhile, even in the Netherlands they are in fibrillation due to the growth of infections so much that yesterday the prime minister, Mark Rutte, announced the reintroduction of new restrictive measures. The obligation to wear a mask will return to indoor public places and the Green pass will be required for admission to museums, gyms and outdoor venues. Finally, the alarm has resumed in China. In the past few hours, the Ministry of Commerce has created a panic on the web for an appeal to families to stock up on essential goods for winter and spring. All this followed by a reminder to local authorities to protect the safety of food supplies. As if to say a new wave is upon us.

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