Boom of electric cars, the best-selling models in Italy

Electric cars today see a period of splendor, if we can define it that way; In fact, sales of zero-emission models are constantly increasing, as well as hybrid cars, both on tap (plug-in) and mild hybrid and full hybrid. And this is significant, given the crisis of the entire sector, which instead leads to the decline in diesel and petrol models.

We have been witnessing the growth of the green sector, in fact, until a few years ago there was no engine that surpassed the classic combustion models (fueled by petrol and diesel). In some markets the situation has practically been reversed for some time now, in Italy instead we cannot say that we have witnessed a sensational change, because that is not what happened, but certainly electric car customers today represent a good slice of the market and there are many who are interested in alternative and ecological engines.

During the summer, we had seen it, there was a great boom in zero-emission cars, and today Italy is in fourth place among the European countries with the highest number of plug-in hybrid cars sold. Although the situation is unfortunately not the best, still due to the crisis due to the pandemic, to which was also added that relating to the lack of semiconductors, the hybrids and the electric ones managed to obtain positive data.

100% electric cars in 2021 reached a very important share, which is still growing even today. But let’s see in particular which are the most loved by Italians, the models that are most successful in the Bel Paese market. The customers of the boot are very fond of the Fiat brand, we know it, and the fact that proves it one of the best-selling electric is la 500e, which has recorded a steady good trend since its launch. Same goes for the Smart ForTwo, and for the Tesla Model 3, which is the best-selling electric car in Europe.

Now it is up to national bodies and private companies to intervene to ensure that the infrastructure are able to keep up with the rapidly increasing number of electric cars on the road. Stellantis has decided to build many new charging stations in Italy and many other brands will follow the automotive giant.


Boom electric cars bestselling models Italy

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