Lockdown for those without vaccine and obligation for some categories. Costa: “It’s right to make distinctions”

Lockdown for those without the vaccine? If Covid infections in Italy they will continue to increase and vaccinations will not increase until reaching the goal of 90% immunized, “the” possible “choices will not be many: o continue with restrictive measures, also imposing them on those who have been vaccinated, or introduce distinctions, or introduce vaccination obligations for some categories “in addition to health for which it is already in force. Thus, on ‘Radio too’ on Rai Radio 1, the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa he answered the question about the viability of the ‘Austrian route’ in Italy too, which in the worst scenario provides for a lockdown only for the unvaccinated. “I think it is right to make a distinction between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated,” says Costa.

The distinction, he explains, is that “those who have been vaccinated did so in the awareness of protecting themselves and others, and to guarantee our country a gradual return to normality “, while the others have not yet demonstrated this awareness. And “then we must absolutely continue with the vaccination campaign, but I think it is not correct that those who have been vaccinated today continue to have to endure restrictive measures due to a minority that has not yet been vaccinated “.

A concept that the undersecretary repeats several times, because “I believe that we must say it clearly”. That is, “I do not think it is correct – he insists – that those who have been vaccinated, demonstrating a great sense of responsibility and guaranteeing even the unvaccinated to be able to take advantage of many freedoms, a gradual return to normality, should be subjected to further restrictions because of who he has not yet been vaccinated “.

What defends us from the virus is the vaccine, not the swab“, Costa points out.” The point is that we have to increase vaccinations and somehow convince them over 2 and a half million che have not yet vaccinated and that would allow us to reach 90% of the immunized “, and to achieve this goal, according to the undersecretary, it should not be excluded. the road to compulsory vaccination by categories. Which? The most at risk if exposed to Sars-CoV-2 are the “over 50s and 60s, and those who work closely with the public”, remembers Costa, however specifying that “there are reflections to be made and there may be many criteria” .

As for the hypothesis of one extension of the state of emergency beyond the end of the year, “as Draghi said, we will make any assessments at the appropriate time. I think today is a premature reflection – Costa highlighted – I think citizens worry more the possible extension of the restrictive measures like the obligation of the Green pass, more than that state of emergency that it identifies only a management method. I believe that we must face the next few weeks with caution and a sense of responsibility, but we must also say that today unvaccinated citizens can take advantage of the freedoms that have in the meantime been granted thanks to those 45 million who have been vaccinated. If there continue to be many fellow citizens who continue not to get vaccinated – the undersecretary warned – they will be the ones who are jointly responsible for the continuation of the restrictive measures. This we must say forcefully and clearly “.

Finally, on the possible reintroduction of the obligation to wear a mask outdoorsCosta said that “to date this is not a hypothesis on the ministry table”. “We all expected the impact of the reopening of schools, stadiums, it seems to me that today the data are still positive – he continues – I trust that this could be a different Christmas than last year. Many choices will depend on how many unvaccinated decide to get vaccinated. “.

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