Covid Bulletin today: situation worsens. Contagions and hospitalizations: Italy data of 3 November

Covid Bulletin today: situation worsens. Contagions and hospitalizations: Italy data of 3 November
Covid Bulletin today: situation worsens. Contagions and hospitalizations: Italy data of 3 November

Rome, 3 November 2021 – The picture of theCovid epidemic in Italy, which however remains slowed in the most serious effects by vaccinations. THE new almost, communicated from bulletin of the Ministry of Health, exceed 5 thousand, are almost the double the number of infections yesterday and more than those recorded a week ago. However, the record in tampons, almost 480 thousand more than yesterday, so much so that the rate of positivity falls below 1%. The deaths, while the growth of hospital pressure slows down: after yesterday’s leap forward, i ordinary hospitalizations they rise ‘only’ by about thirty units and the terapie intensive drop slightly. Meanwhile, worrying numbers come from the rest ofEurope: the Germany is grappling with the fourth wave and has recorded almost 200 deaths in the last 24 hours, in Russia a new record of daily victims has been reached (1,189) and deaths fly to Ukraine, where, however, the no vax protests do not stop.

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The curve of the Covid in Italy. I new cases I’m 5.188, against 2,834 yesterday and 4,598 last Wednesday. But with the record in tampons, 717,311, almost 480 thousand more than yesterday, so much so that the rate of positivity drops from 1.2% to 0.7%. I deaths I’m 63 (yesterday 41), for a total of 132,224 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. They return to drop terapie intensive, 4 less (yesterday +21) with 31 admissions of the day, and they are 381, while i ordinary hospitalizations they go up again, +37 (yesterday +129), 3,029 in all. The region with the most cases today is the Veneto (+781, but with over 300 recovery cases in recent days), followed by Lombardy (+682), Campania (+626), Lazio (+456) and Sicily (+398). THE total cases there are 4,782,802. THE healed there are 4,285 (yesterday 2,065) for a total of 4,565,291. The number of currently positive, 840 more (yesterday +725), rising to 85,287. Of these, I’m in home isolation 81,877 patients.

Surge of infections in Veneto. I am 781 in fact the new infections (the actual cases today are 443, another 332 are attributable to the past three days), according to what is reported by the daily report of the Veneto Region. There was also a slight increase in hospitalizations: two more in the medical areas and two more in intensive care. Two deaths.

There is a Covid cluster in the Paduan thermal area which has recorded an increase in cases in the last 15 days, going from an average of 80 units in mid-September to the current 110, with an increasing trend. In particular, seven hotels are affected by the infections which, for 90%, concern tourists. Outbreaks also among school-age children with 34 quarantined classes.

With 143,223 swabs carried out it is 682 the number of new cases of Covid registered in Lombardy, with a stable positivity rate of 0.48%. The number of hospitalized patients in intensive care (+1, 49) and in the wards (+24, 317) is on the rise. I am 10 deaths which bring the total to 34,172 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. As regards the provinces, 236 positives were reported in Milan (of which 88 in Milan city), 28 in Bergamo, 90 in Brescia, 27 in Como, 22 in Cremona, 17 in Lecco, 10 in Lodi, 29 in Mantua, 81 in Monza, 43 in Pavia, 3 in Sondrio and 62 in Varese.

I am 626 i positive cases at Covid identified in the last 24 hours in Campania out of 30,381 tests examined. The contagion rate remains substantially stable, which yesterday was equal to 2.15% and today is 2.06%. Due i deaths. In hospitals, admissions to intensive care units remain stable, where 21 beds are occupied (-1 compared to yesterday), while hospitalizations in hospital are decreasing (264, -5 compared to yesterday).

“Today in the Lazio out of 15,599 molecular swabs and 27,587 antigenic swabs for a total of 43,186 swabs, 456 new positive cases (+68) down compared to Wednesday 27 October (-47), 3 deaths (-2), 438 hospitalized (+5), 58 intensive care (=) and 428 recovered. The ratio of positives to buffers is 1.0%. Cases in Rome city are at 184 “. This was announced by the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato.

Peak of deaths from Covid in one day in Tuscany: I’m 10 deaths detected in the last 24 hours leading to 7,297 total victims since the beginning of the epidemic. THE new cases They were 290 (average age 40 years) and the healed 255. The currently positive are 5,927 (+ 0.4% on yesterday): among them the hospitalized are 297 (-2 people the daily balance on yesterday, -0.7%) of which 28 in intensive care (balance unchanged for the third consecutive day).

Today in Puglia out of 22,601 tests carried out were identified 232 positive cases: 43 in the province of Bari, 10 in the province of Barletta, Andria, Trani and 26 in that of Brindisi, 60 in the province of Foggia, 24 in the province of Lecce, 67 in the province of Taranto and 2 in the province to be defined. They have also been registered 8 deaths. Currently there are 3,134 positive people: of these 142 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 16 in intensive care.

Today in Emilia Romagna have been identified 222 new cases on over 31 thousand tampons. Others are registered 5 victims: deaths since the beginning of the pandemic exceed 13,600. Hospitalizations remain substantially stable, with 30 patients in intensive care, one more since yesterday, and another 315 in Covid wards (five fewer). As for the daily infections, the most affected province is Bologna with 46 cases to which the 20 in the Imola district must be added. Then Ravenna with 46 and Rimini with 30.

Strong leap forward in infections from Covid e another death. In the last 24 hours they have been ascertained 196 new positive cases based on 1,334 swabs to which 9,683 antigen tests are added. The new death brings the total to 1,205 since the beginning of the health emergency. I’m still in a slight increase in hospitalizations: there are 62, two more than yesterday, 3 of whom (one less) are assisted in intensive care and 59 (3 more) in normal hospital wards.

Three deaths e 161 new infections, up from yesterday when they were only 46, they have been recorded in the last 24 hours Calabria compared to 5,083 swabs performed. The casualties since the beginning of the pandemic have risen to 1,454. The positivity rate from 2.81 goes back to 3.17%. Admissions in ordinary wards fell, -3 (98) but those in intensive care rose by two units (8). There are 130 more healed (82,225) and 3,136 currently positive (+28).

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of 4,404 molecular swabs were detected 125 new infections with a positive percentage of 2.84%. There are also 22,770 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which they were detected 28 almost (0.12%). So total of 153 new positives. Today i deaths of 4 people.

In the last 24 hours they have been identified in Walk 150 new cases, 5.5% compared to the 2,529 swabs processed during the course for new diagnoses. It also registers a victim: the toll since the beginning of the pandemic crisis thus rises to 3,109 deaths, 1,740 men and 1,369 women. There are 81 (+1) patients assisted in hospitals: in intensive care there are 20 hospitalized, in semi-intensive care 19 (-1) and in the other wards 42 (+2).

Today in Abruzzo I’m 106 the new positives discovered by the analysis of 2,629 molecular swabs and 12,370 antigen tests for a positivity rate of 0.7%. The budget of deceased register instead 2 cases and rises to 2,564 since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positive are 1,929: 67 patients (+6 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in the medical area, 6 (-3 compared to yesterday) in intensive care, while the other 1,856 (-5 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation .

I am 83 new cases Covid discovered in Umbria on the last day. They also register a victim and 41 healed. The currently positive are now 1,212, 41 more: the hospitalized drop by one unit and 47, while seven places occupied in intensive care remain stable. In the last 24 hours, 2,426 swabs and 11,018 antigen tests were processed for a positivity rate of 0.61%.

In Basilicata 38 new positives, zero in Molise. Five infections in Valle d’Aosta. In Sardinia 58 cases and no deaths. In Trentino 83 new infections.

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