The survey on who takes the citizenship income without having the right to it

The survey on who takes the citizenship income without having the right to it
The survey on who takes the citizenship income without having the right to it

The carabinieri of the Ogaden interregional command which has jurisdiction over Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo, Molise and Basilicata have discovered 4,839 cases of irregularities among the recipients of citizenship income, the subsidy that since 2019 guarantees a minimum income to over one million families in Italy . The fraud against the state amounts to a total of 20 million euros, and involved 12% of the 87,198 people – 38,450 households – controlled in a period between May and October.

Of the people who received income irregularly, 1,338 were already known to the police, 422 had a criminal record, 64 had been convicted of mafia association. At the end of the operation 3,484 people were reported, 60.2% men and 39.8% women, 59.4% Italians and 40.6% foreigners. Benefits obtained illegally have been revoked. The people reported are about 0.1% of those overall affected by the citizenship income, which in July were two million and 920 thousand.

Carabinieri checks were targeted in the five regions over which the Ogaden command has jurisdiction, and uncovered a wide range of irregularities. It was found that a significant number of those unduly earning citizenship income belonged to organized crime groups. Among these, for example, Fausto Frizziero, one of the leaders of the clan who controls the illegal trafficking in the Neapolitan districts of Chiaia and Posillipo. During the checks, five people linked to the powerful Amato-Pagano clan, ten affiliated to the Grimaldi-Vanella Grassi clan were identified. Another 25 people are affiliated to the Nuvoletta, Orlando, Polverino, and De Rosa-Pianese clans.

The Gazette of the South writes that among those who illegally received the subsidy there was the wife of an affiliate of the Polverino clan, the wife of the nephew of the head of the same clan, the mother of an affiliate of the Amato-Pagano and the brother of a member of the Nuvoletta family; the son of one of the leaders of the Nuvoletta clan had obtained 6,500 euros with the subsidy. The niece of a boss of the Orlando family, now in prison, illegally pocketed more than 19 thousand euros.

In addition to Campania, irregularities were also found in the other four regions involved. In the Brindisi area, a well-known exponent of the criminal organization Sacra Corona Unita received citizenship income. In Isernia, a citizen’s income earner has been identified who owns a car rental with 27 vehicles. In Taranto, a 71-year-old man received the subsidy despite being the owner of 17 cars and a motorcycle. In Avellino a seventy-year-old was a earner but owned a Ferrari.

In all five regions there have been many foreign persons reported. The legislation requires that at least 10 years of permanence in Italy are required before applying for citizenship income. Many managed to get around it by lying in the forms about their time in Italy, probably partly at the request of the so-called corporals who then stole their check.

Among the most frequently encountered offenses was the failure to communicate an economic change, that is, the failure to report new income or properties that would have interrupted the disbursement of the subsidy. Many purchases of cars and motorbikes were also discovered that were not compatible with economic requirements, or of failure to communicate the presence in the family unit of prisoners or subject to other precautionary measures, a condition that affects the income received.

In Castellamare di Stabia, in the province of Naples, a fifty-year-old presented a false Bulgarian identity card, simulating a foreign accent at the post office according to the investigation. In Collepasso, in the Lecce area, a man declared the presence in his family unit of six foreign minors never registered in that municipality. He had no family ties with them nor had he communicated age or nationality. In the same municipality, a couple had included people residing in Germany in their household. In Nova Siri, in the province of Matera, the carabinieri denounced an Asian citizen who had declared the presence in Italy of his wife and two daughters, who instead continued to live in their country of origin.

The results of which were announced on Wednesday was not the only police operation to identify who receives citizenship income without qualifying for it. According to the police, since 2019 almost 48 million euros have been collected by those who were not entitled to it. Of these, 41 million are those discovered this year.

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