Vaccines, Aifa green light to the recall for J&J after 6 months: the second dose with Pfizer or Moderna

The Italian drug agency has decided: the recall of the anti Covid vaccine will also be authorized for those who have made the Johnson & Johnson single-dose. After the green light of the American FDA, the Italian regulatory body also gave the ok to the administration of the booster of the Janssen vaccine which can be given six months after the first injection. Involved in the decision are 1.6 million of Italians who received the single-dose. The second dose of vaccine will be performed with an mRna serum, i.e. Moderna and Pfizer. The scientific technical committee of Aifa has opted for the so-called heterologous vaccination. As happened for the mRna vaccines, also for Johnson & Johnson the scientific evidence has shown a lowering of the level of antibodies with the passage of time and therefore of protection from the most serious and lethal forms of Covid-19, destined for hospitalization. Hence the decision to proceed also for the Janssen vaccine to a recall that, in view of the winter season and the current increase in infections, can enhance the protection against Covid-19. According to what theAnsa, the technical scientific commission of Aifa would have highlighted that with the passage of time there would be a slow decline in vaccination efficacy even with regard to the slightest manifestations of the disease. As for obtaining the Green Pass at the moment it does not seem that there will be any changes. Whoever dumped it after making J&J keeps it, will therefore not be obliged to repeat it to keep it.

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Vaccines Aifa green light recall months dose Pfizer Moderna

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