Intimissimi Work with us: open positions, how to apply

Intimissimi Work with us: open positions, how to apply
Intimissimi Work with us: open positions, how to apply

Would you like to work in the Intimissimi and Intimissimi Uomo stores?

The brands, owned by the Calzedonia Group and dedicated to the sale of lingerie and underwear, they are looking for staff for hires in Italy, both on-site and in stores.

Below we present the ongoing research and we also give you useful information on how to apply to the job offers of Intimissimi.


The Intimissimi and Intimissimo Uomo brands belong to Calzedonia Group, a company specializing in the production and distribution of clothing, lingerie, costumes and socks, which also owns Tezenis, Falconeri, Calzedonia e Atelier Emé. The Intimissimi brand was born in 1996 and offers a wide range of underwear, knitwear and nightwear. The brand has 1,548 stores in 48 countries and 31 online stores. In Italy, there are about 490 Intimissimi stores.

Recently, the brand was joined by Intimissimi Uomo, a division specializing in the sale of men’s clothing, including underwear, hosiery, easywear and knitwear. Intimissimi Uomo stores are today 223 and of these 167 stores are located in Italy. Abroad, men’s underwear stores are present in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Russia and Lithuania. The brand is growing and new openings are in fact planned both in Italy and abroad.


During the year, Intimissimi and Intimissimi Uomo select new resources for hiring both at shops, which at the headquarter of Verona. Job opportunities are aimed at profiles with different levels of experience. In most cases, candidates are required to know theEnglish and also to have an interest and passion for fashion sector.

Generally speaking, the selections concern different types of profiles. In fact, the 2 brands of the Calzedonia Group hire staff in sales area, with roles of sales assistants, store managers, district managers and visual merchandisers, which type resources administrative. There are also frequent selections for employees a logistics e production and also for creative, such as graphic designers, designers and other figures to be employed in the creation of products and collections.

The jobs in the Intimissimi stores are aimed at resources to be employed in the points of sale present in numerous regions of the country and the placements take place both in the teams already operational, which at the store of new opening. We propose, below, the list of figures sought Right now:

I work in intimate stores

The selection is aimed at candidates with good knowledge of English, motivation, flexibility and energy, to be employed in sales and customer service.

  • Intimissimi workplaces: Pontecagnano (Salerno), Orbetello (Grosseto), Rome (Via del Corso), Vallese di Oppeano (Verona), Palermo, Milan, Aprilia (Latina, new opening).
  • Intimissimi Uomo workplaces: Aprilia (Latina, new opening), Rapallo (Genoa), Pavia (new opening), Rome (Via del Corso), Milan, Florence, Verona (Via Mazzini, new opening).

OPEN POSITIONS AT THE HEADQUARTERS – Dossobuono di Villafranca (Verona)

Models are selected for internal fitting tests and sdifettamento.

The research is aimed at recent graduates in the graphic field or graduates with experience in the role. Excellent knowledge of the main Adobe Creative Suite programs is required, strong passion for the world of fashion and command of the English language.


As is also the case for the other Calzedonia Group brands, also for Intimissimi and Intimissimi Uomo le personnel searches concern the following work areas:

  • Retail, with the selection of resources for the divisions Stores (Shops) e Sales Force (Sales Force);
  • Product & Manufacturing, with selections for functions Creative Product development, Technical Product development, Supply Chain, Logistics;
  • Corporate, with the search for profiles to be included in the functions Corporate services, Digital & Communication, Expansion e Sales department.


The collection of applications to work at Intimissimi or Intimissimi Uomo takes place through the section dedicated to recruiting online (Work with us) of the Calzedonia Group portal. In this area, the company publishes all ongoing research in offices and shops. By clicking on the item “Discover open positions” you can view the list of all figures sought. Per apply it is necessary to fill in the online form by entering data and curriculum vitae. Alternatively, those who wish can also apply using the “Apply with LinkedIn” function and submit the application via the well-known professional social network.

From the same section, you can also create an account for register for free your profile in company database and make it available for other personnel selections as well. Finally, the function to present one to the Group is also active spontaneous application.


The section Work with us of Intimissimi and Intimissimi Uomo allows you to make one thematic research among the advertisements to identify only the job opportunities in line with your preferences. The search is done using i filters available, which allow you to select job offers based on country / city e Business unit / company function. In addition, the Key Words field is also available, where you can type them keyword to search.

Finally, we point out that it is also possible to use the Job Areas section to view available job advertisements. This area allows you to know the active selections divided by area of work. Specifically, the Job Areas that can be consulted are Retail, Corporate e Product & Manufacturing.


Those interested in Intimissimi and Intimissimi Uomo job opportunities can visit the page dedicated to active searches (Work with us) on the Calzedonia Group website. From here it is possible to apply at open positions of your interest by filling in the appropriate form form online with the required data and cv.

Also, if you want to know all the selections in progress at the shops and offices of all the brands of the Calzedonia Group, we invite you to read this in-depth analysis as well.

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