MotoGP, Lin Jarvis talks about Valentino Rossi’s heir to Yamaha

MotoGP, Lin Jarvis talks about Valentino Rossi’s heir to Yamaha
MotoGP, Lin Jarvis talks about Valentino Rossi’s heir to Yamaha

The Yamaha managing director analyzes the season of his team, who returned to win the title with Fabio Quartararo. And for the Frenchman there is a demanding investiture

Once the celebrations for Fabio Quartararo’s title have been archived, MotoGP is once again focusing on Valentino Rossi’s farewell. Portimao first and Valencia then will write the end of a memorable career, with nine world titles. A little big dilemma already agitates the fans of the MotoGP: is there an heir to the Italian legend? Is there any driver capable of at least partially replicating the magic of the Pesaro champion? Lin Jarvis, managing director of Yamaha, seems to have clear ideas about it.


The manager of the Iwata factory team in MotoGP found some points in common between Rossi and Quartararo, as explained by his statements reported by the German portal Speedweek: “Fabio’s mental strength really impressed us. He left no stone unturned and withstood the pressure of a possible championship win in an exceptional way. He has a relentless desire to win. At the same time he always has fun on the bike. Two qualities that the team hadn’t seen at its peak since Valentino ”.


For Jarvis, Quartararo represents a winning bet: “When we brought Fabio to this team for 2021, we were convinced of his talent. There have been some changes for him ahead of the season. He had to get used to the team and at the same time face the increased media pressure as a factory driver. But Fabio handled this situation perfectly ”. There were difficult moments: “The injury in Jerez (hardening of the right arm due to compartment syndrome) was hard to accept. The accident could have left its mark mentally, but it didn’t bother him in the least. ”A turning point that led the Frenchman straight to the title.

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MotoGP Lin Jarvis talks Valentino Rossis heir Yamaha

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