the personal speech and the photo of the pain

Kate Middleton shines with the electric blue coat-dress

The Queen Elizabeth boasts a steel fiber. Although the doctors have put her in absolute rest, she participates in COP26 with a video-speech that has turned out to be more personal than expected. While the detail of the photo behind him where butterflies are portrayed, taken from her brooch, it did not go unnoticed. Especially for the deep meaning it contains.

While Kate Middleton shone at the reception in her Eponine coat-dress, the Queen picked up the scene with her “deeply personal” video speech that “would have embarrassed Prince Philip,” as the biographer of the Duchy of Edinburgh.

The Queen at COP26, the speech that would have embarrassed Filippo

In fact, Her Majesty, 95, praised her husband, who passed away last April at the age of 99. Elizabeth, speaking to world leaders gathered at the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow said: “The impact of the environment on human progress was very close to my husband’s heart.”

Philip’s biographer Robert Jobson called the Queen’s speech a “marvel,” but he also added – speaking with Femail – that the Duke of Edinburgh he would have blushed hearing his wife’s words of praise.

The royal expert continues: “I thought it was a wonderful and deeply personal speech. A tribute to a broad-minded man, such as Prince Philip. He would have been embarrassed. But it shows how the Queen was rightly proud of him ”.

‘He was a great defender of nature and the environment. A farsighted man who has done so much to help preserve endangered species on this planet through his creation of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, of which he has been a driving force ”.

The Queen, the photo of Philip with butterflies

There are several details that reveal how Elizabeth’s intervention at COP26 was also the tool to pay homage to Philip. In addition to the explicit words of praise towards her husband, the portrait of the Prince with the butterflies that he chose to put behind him during the video shoot is another sign and reveals how much he really is she misses you man with whom he has shared his life for over 70 years.

The photo of the Duke of Edinburgh was taken in Mexico in 1988, during a trip he made to promote a World Wildlife Fund for Nature project. It is the same image that the Palazzo shared on social media shortly after the Prince’s death.

As always, every little detail in the public appearances of the Sovereign is studied at the table. The choice of that Photo where Philip is surrounded by butterflies, a motif that recurs in the brooch worn by Elisabetta, hides a precise meaning. Butterflies are symbols of the soul and are often associated with pain for a loss. Evidently Elisabetta always wanted to externalize in a veiled way, as is her style, one’s state of mind and prostration caused by the passing of her husband.

To this feeling are added the health problems that have hit her in recent weeks, leaving her subjects dismayed to know that the Queen was hospitalized one night in hospital and that for the first time in many decades she was forced to put herself at rest. But her iron will allowed her to launch a video message that makes the whole world reflect on the need to protect the environment that has become an opportunity to pay homage to the most important man in her life.

And her look reveals all this to us, from the butterfly brooch to the bright green dress, a clear reference to nature.

The Queen at COP26 with the photo of Filippo behind her

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