Covid Germany, 194 deaths in one day: “It’s the pandemic of the unvaccinated”

Covid Germany, 194 deaths in one day: “It’s the pandemic of the unvaccinated”
Covid Germany, 194 deaths in one day: “It’s the pandemic of the unvaccinated”

“The pandemic is far from over, the fourth wave is raging with full force.” This is what the German Health Minister Jens Spahn said, today in Berlin, adding that in several Laender “the number of patients in intensive care has returned to grow”. According to the head of the health department – currently in charge of current affairs pending the appointment of the new federal government – it is again crucial “to prevent an overload of the health system.”

According to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institut (Rki), the national epidemiological center, today over 20,000 new infections have been registered in 24 hours, with 194 victims. Meanwhile, 55.6 million people have obtained a complete vaccination against Covid, equal to 66.8% of the population. There are 2.2 million Germans who also had the third dose.

It is precisely the slowness of the vaccination campaign that worries Berlin, so much so that yesterday Angela Merkel herself mentioned the possibility of launching “strong restrictions” for the unvaccinated in Germany. “If the situation in the hospitals gets worse then further restrictions will be possible for the unvaccinated,” added German government spokesman Steffen Seibert, responding to a question at a press conference in Berlin. The spokesman then postponed the matter to the Laender Health Ministers’ Conference to be held tomorrow and the day after tomorrow together with Federal Minister Jens Spahn. “The pandemic is returning with great force” and “in some hospitals the situation has become more serious and” this is a cause of great concern for the Chancellor, “added Seibert.

For his part, Spahn reiterated his call to increase the pace of the so-called “boosters”, precisely the additional vaccinations for those who had obtained the second dose over six months ago. The president of the Koch Institut, Lothar Wieler, agrees, according to which “if we do not move decisively today, even the fourth wave will bring a lot of suffering: many will get sick, there will be victims, and the health system will again be heavily aggravated. “.

According to Wieler, “the pandemic is moving as we feared, precisely because too many people have not yet been vaccinated”, and also because many have stopped following the rules of distancing and protection from the virus. «Obviously the vaccine is not a miraculous weapon», the head of the Rki insisted, «for this reason it is important to continue wearing masks, ventilate the interiors and keep your distance. We all want to believe this is the last winter of the pandemic. “

German Health Minister Jens Spahn also urged that the Green Pass in Germany be more checked in restaurants, museums and public places where it is required. And he mentioned Italy in this regard. “I personally experienced it in Rome: on the occasion of the G20 I happened to have to show the vaccination certificate more often in one day than perhaps here in four weeks”. Spahn said that in Germany “too often” people give up control on the basis of “trust”. And he called for more checks: “If you do it consistently for a couple of days, perhaps even with fines, the signal is clear.”

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