Press conference, MOURINHO: “I’m not talking about referees. They won’t play the same team as the first leg”

After finishing held in the morning in Trigoria, with Pilgrims absent in addition to long-term patients Smalling e Spinazzola, Jose Mourinho returned to speak at the press conference, on the eve of the Conference League match against Bodø / Glimt. Alongside the Portuguese coach is Tammy Abraham. The Giallorossi coach has specifically asked to ask him only questions relating to tomorrow’s match and the Conference League. Their intervention:

Mourinho’s intervention:

The shame of the first leg has to be erased, to be won to return to the top of the group and keep the tension high in view of Venice. How do you analyze tomorrow’s match?
“We have 6 points, we are in a good situation. It is impossible to forget, but if we forget the result of Bodo, with 6 points and two games to play at home the situation is good. Tomorrow is not a decisive match. It is not even a situation. pressure. But we want to finish first, win the game and we don’t want to forget the first leg, because we never forget, but we want to win. “

Do you give a chance tomorrow to those who failed in Norway or do you change trying to put the strongest team in?
“We were all wrong, I don’t mean he was wrong this or the other. We lost as a team and tomorrow we want to win as a team. Obviously he will not play the same team. After the game I also said I had too many fears before the match and I was not afraid of the match: I was afraid of the cold, of the pitch, of injuries, of tiredness, of everything but defeat. I was wrong, we were all wrong. “

Can we take a step back or should we just talk about the match?
“The match or the Conference League”.

Abraham is the big market hit and so far he hasn’t performed as expected: is it a team problem or the boy’s adaptation?
“The problem is always us, it is not individual. For a player who comes from a different football, refereeing, even social culture, it is never easy. He is a great player and we have confidence in him, there is no problem. He will play better again, he will score, we have total confidence in him. “

Compared to the other squares where you coached, did you find differences in refereeing and subsequent sanctions?
“I’m not talking about arbitrage or Serie A”.

With Milan we saw a different form in the second half, could you propose it again?
“I’m not talking about what we did in Serie A”.

An assessment of Zaniolo’s athletic growth?
“Two years of injuries, it’s not easy. Against Juve we felt the fear of a player who has suffered so much. It is normal to have these fears, only time can help us forget. Physically he is fine, he is very strong, but they are there. details from a tactical point of view that he has to learn and improve. It’s normal at 23-24, especially when you’ve lost two years of your career in the pits. He’s a good player, he’s a working professional, I’m satisfied. “

You said that the Italian league has improved, has the image of Italian football abroad also improved?
“It is a league in which you play well: teams, players and coaches have quality. Coaches, even from different generations, are not only concerned with the result but also with playing well. In this sense, I am pleased to be here with you.”

Do you still trust Shomurodov?
“I trust everyone, but there are moments where the players are not in their best moment, especially in terms of confidence. Felix obviously won’t be on the list tomorrow, but he has qualities that we don’t have: he’s a player looking for moves that we don’t. We do a lot. We are a team with players who want the ball and few who want the ball in space, he is a kid very far from being a finished product and a player made to be a starter in the first team of a club like Roma, but he has a profile that deserves to work with us. It’s one thing to work, it’s another to have the chance to play. I have faith in Mayoral, in Shomurodov, that doesn’t change. “

Mourinho concludes by saying: “Congratulations to Bodø who won the championship”.

Abraham’s intervention:

How do you rate your current moment? At the end of the match with Milan Mancini said that the penalty given to Ibrahimovic in the Premier League would be considered ridiculous, what is your opinion?
“In football it happens to have ups and downs, but in the worst moments you learn from yourself and your team. For me this is the best time to demonstrate my leadership. It is normal that everyone would like to win games, but it happens to to have difficult moments and it’s time to overcome them. On the referee decision I will limit myself to saying that the referees have enormous pressure, it is human to make mistakes and as a party to the dispute I would not want bad decisions to be made against us but it happens “.

How are you physically? What does the Rome anthem convey to you?
“Now things are better, I had a problem with my ankle and a few other problems, but I am a player who always wants to be there and puts aside some physical problems. I don’t like having excuses, every player would like to play 100%, but also thanks to the help of the medical staff I hope to be able to return to 100% as soon as possible. The team has invested a lot in me and it’s up to me to pay back with performances. The hope is that the fans will always help us, we must show on the pitch how much we care for them and for the club. “

What difficulties did you encounter in passing from the Premier League? What does Mourinho ask of you?
“I am not going through difficulties in terms of acclimatization. Football involves challenges, for me that I have changed football, country and type of football. I was lucky enough to play against him in England and to train with him in some circumstances, he is a context of challenge. The whole team is getting to know each other every day. When we have acquired the theories of the coach we will be a team. Until then we will have to work hard, as they say Rome was not built in a day “.

Would you like to take the next penalty since you proposed for the derby and in Turin?
“No, as a striker I would always like to score and at that moment I felt I had faith. In Turin I had won the penalty and I wanted to kick it. But we know the hierarchy of penalty takers, Veretout is an extraordinary penalty taker. It was a particular moment and there was pressure. for everyone. I hope to go back to scoring and Veretout to take penalties as he knows. “

Was Roma surprised in the first leg and how have they prepared themselves now?
“The way to improve to prepare it is to work with confidence in the team and in the collective. The whole team and I expect to play a good game, we must play our best and turn that page for good.”

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