“First cases of a new Delta variant in the Marca”

“The”Delta 2 variant“(to be precise, the Delta-Y 4.2 sub-variant) 10% more contagious than the normal Delta variant.” To say this, Wednesday 3 November, is the general manager of Ulss 2, Francesco Benazzi.

“The good news is that on 3 November last year we had 295 hospitalized in our hospitals while today there are only 43. Undoubtedly thanks to the vaccinations. In the last 25 days there have been 13 hospitalizations out of 643 thousand citizens vaccinated with two doses for a total of 0.26 hospitalizations for every 10 thousand vaccinated. 38, on the other hand, hospitalizations among the unvaccinated for a rate of 2.5 hospitalizations per 10 thousand. The unvaccinated – underlines Benazzi – have a 7 times greater chance of ending up in hospital for Covid than a vaccinated. To date we have only one case of a vaccinated person who ended up in intensive care and another 3 vaccinated in a non-critical area. The other 39 hospitalized for Covid had not undergone the vaccination “.

Today’s bulletin

The number of Covid patients admitted to the brand’s hospitals has risen to 43, of which 3 are in intensive care. Wednesday 3 November a 37-year-old Bosnian, obese and unvaccinated, was hospitalized in Vittorio Veneto. A 66-year-old with multiple pathologies was also in intensive care double dose vaccinated and a 41-year-old unvaccinated Romanian citizen. 16 hospitalized in the Medicine ward in Vittorio Veneto, 12 of which were not vaccinated, one vaccinated with two doses but with multiple pathologies, and three vaccinated with a single dose. Strong increase i infections in schools with 24 classes in quarantine and 50 in monitoring.


cases Delta variant Marca

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