The Mustang according to Matteo: “The car that makes you say wow”

The Mustang according to Matteo: “The car that makes you say wow”
The Mustang according to Matteo: “The car that makes you say wow”

The Ford Mustang Mach-e tested by Matteo, who examines everything: driving, interior spaces, charging …

The Mustang according to Matteo Valenza: the popular YouTuber tried for Vaielectric the Ford on batteries. On the same test-safety model as Euro NCAP.

The Mustang according to Matthew: “Pressure on the back”

It’s a car that makes you say: wow! “. This concludes the video test of Matteo, who was struck by that “feeling of pressure on the back”That the Mustang Mach-e gives you when you accelerate. We are not talking about any car: the version tested by Matteo, the First Edition a four-wheel drive, weighs more than two tons (2.182 kg to be precise). With a length of 4,71 meters. The engines in the range range from 269 a 351 cavalli. A comfortable and manageable machine, also suitable for a family, but with such a sportiness that pleases “to a theme song in search of emotionthe”. And with an autonomy that goes from 450 km of the entry version (price 49.900 euro, battery 76 kWh)) up to 600 km of the Extended (56,700 euros, 99 kWh battery). The version tested by Matteo most expensive ever (71.050 euro).

Safety test, Ford electric promoted: 5 stars

The frontal crash test of the Mustang Mach-e made by Euro NCAP: the car holds up well to the impact.

In these days another important element has been added to the judgment on the Mustang Mach-e: the vote on safety. It was released by the official European body that deals with crash-test, Euro Ncap, after having subjected the electric Ford to the usual accident simulations. The overall score is the maximum, 5 stars, yet another demonstration of the fact that electric cars are safe. And that’s all the fairy tales on one presumed ease of ignition they are groundless. The judgment is divided into four items, in each of which the maximum score is 100. The Mustang has achieved 92 in the protection of adult passengers, 86 in child protection, 69 in the impact on weak road users (pedestrians and cyclistsi) e 82 in driver assistance systems.

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