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Dacia Spring best-selling electric car, but extremely negative October for the car market in Italy

Car market on its knees in Italy. According to data communicated by UNRAE, registrations of new vehicles are already 35.7% compared to October 2020, a month in which there was a similar decline compared to 2019. A trend that leads to a contraction of 360 thousand cars sold in the first 10 months of 2021 compared to the first 10 months of 2019, highlighting how much the pandemic is affecting the entire sector.

Without incentives and with the lack of electronic components, the car market is increasingly in crisis

Not only in terms of demand, but also and above all from the point of view of production of new vehicles. The persistent shortage of electronic components, which continues to heavily slow down the flow of deliveries, does not suggest possible improvements in the short term, so much so as to make a 2021 closure realistic with a total volume not exceeding 1,500,000 units, equal to 417,000 cars less than in 2019, a decrease 21.7%, according to data provided by UNRAE.

Which provides for a stationary situation also in 2022, unless the government intervenes. According to UNRAE, in fact, the incentives, through which it was possible to support the sales of new electrified cars. In October there is a share of 12% for cars on tap (BEV at 7% and PHEV at 5%), down slightly from 13.2% in September, and for HEV hybrids by 35.2%, up sharply on 31.3% in September. Effects, according to UNRAE, which will tend to vanish once the contracts acquired with incentives are fulfilled, due to the exhaustion of funds.

As regards the petrol and diesel engines, their market shares drop to 25.8% and 18% respectively. In October more than 1 car out of 3 hybrid (35.2%), an engine that has been confirmed as the market leader for several months now; with full hybrids at 8.2% and mild at 27%. Plug-ins maintain a 5% share (4.5% in 10 months) and BEVs score 7% of the total compared to 4.3% of the cumulative.

Dacia Spring the best-selling electric car for the second month in a row

The best-selling electric car in October Dacia Spring, that comes before Fiat 500 e Smart ForTwo. No Tesla, however, in the top positions, a fact that is explained by the fact that the American producer’s deliveries are never linear, with months in which supply far exceeds demand and others in which it is not adequate.

As for the HEV hybrids (the ranking also includes the Mild Hybrid models) in first place we find Fiat Panda, before Lancia Ypsilon, Fiat 500 and Toyota Yaris Cross. Among the models PHEV models, however, are placed in the first three places Jeep Compass, Volvo XC40 e Jeep Renegade.

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