Italy-All Blacks, Michele Lamaro new blue captain: “On the pitch without fear”

Italy-All Blacks, Michele Lamaro new blue captain: “On the pitch without fear”
Italy-All Blacks, Michele Lamaro new blue captain: “On the pitch without fear”

“Being the blue captain is a great honor and a great responsibility. The closer the game gets, the more he starts to feel the feeling of the challenge and this brings me great pride. Even if we have the All Blacks ahead, my legs won’t shake. That’s what I like to do, there is no fear. Being on the pitch is always nice, and being in Rome with the stadium full and friends watching me will be something that I will feel on my skin. ” Michele Lamaro, 23-year-old captain of Benetton Rugby and for a few days also captain of the Italian national team, tells Adnkronos, the sensations a few days after the challenge with All Blacks at the Olympic stadium in Rome. The blue captain was born in Rome and will feel even stronger sensations by taking the field. It was 46 years that the leader of the fifteenth blue had not been born in the capital.

“For this match we are thinking a lot about ourselves, studying opponents, how they play, defend and attack, but our focus is on our performance, on what we can control. They are strong and they have to prove it and show it on the pitch. We must be able to show that we are a united group and to field everything we can. Beat the All Blacks? You always play to try to win, to put the opponent in difficulty, it is clear that every game is different based on the opponent you are facing. If there is a chance to win with the All Blacks we will do everything to succeed. “

Back to the Olimpico in front of the public. “It will be an extra thrill to have the public and also the Olympic and Paralympic champions cheering for us. They represented Italy in the best possible way and we hope to do the same with our national team. I am passionate about all sports, I have followed all the Olympics, I have not missed a single match and I also follow football a bit and I am a Roma fan“, confessed the captain blue.

Lamaro has as a model in rugby Richard Hugh “Richie” McCaw, New Zealand’s third line for many years. “He was a great player, not only technically but also as a leadership, and he managed to convey a lot to the team, he has always been a point of reference for his teammates”, explained the captain who on the new coach Kieran Crowley too New Zealander, he then added: “the coach told us that mentality is important, he played and coached for New Zealand and knows them very well. He knows their mentality and has managed to convey what they think and how they reason and inspire us. ”

At the stadium there will also be the family of Michele Lamaro who has five other brothers: “In all we are 2 sisters and 4 brothers, my older brother Pietro and younger Paolo played rugby, then they both stopped “. The young blue when he was announced the decision that he would be captain explained that he was” happy for my family, for making them proud. I was happy for myself, to have achieved a great result, but on the other hand I focused on having to reward all this trust that was given to me. I was happy for the family, for myself and I was ready to carry on this work and my idea of ​​leader and captain “.

“How can you raise the level of Italian rugby? If I had the answer … we always try to raise the basic level. I focus on mine for now, on what I can control on the pitch “, he concluded.

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