Catanzaro, the Morandi bridge and the Sansinato tunnel seized

The seizure of three construction companies has been ordered

Furthermore, a ban from the exercise of the profession was ordered for an engineer from Anas (6 months) and for a surveyor (9 months). The investigating judge also ordered the preventive seizure of three construction companies and over 200 thousand euros as a profit from the alleged crimes.

Company registered in the name of a figurehead

The entrepreneurs, according to the accusatory hypothesis, would have set up companies by fictitiously making them out to their collaborator, while maintaining de facto control. One of these companies, the Tank, was awarded the extraordinary maintenance work for the restoration of the concrete of the Morandi bridge and the reconstruction of the retaining walls of a section of the Strada Statale 280 dei Due Mari.

Poor maintenance mortar

“According to him, he says it’s not good. Because we at Morandi did it with this material … and everything falls apart”. It is a passage, in which the site manager speaks, of the wiretapping in the records of the Brooklyn operation order. From the conversations recorded, the use of a mortar of poor quality and cheaper than the one initially used emerges in the processing.

Interception on the construction site

“(Technical Director): I need an urgent 488 load, otherwise I have to see … I have to put that filth of … here on the walls eh .., which we have stored for Catanzaro nu … nu poised .. . but I would like to avoid ste simbrascugli … (Representative of the supplier company): eh … do … do … do … do a figure of mer … because that product does not work. (Technical director): what products are you using? I told him I’m using … But unfortunately because it’s a financial matter. I explained to him it’s how on? They shit … (smiles). (Supplier company representative): eh …. ( Site manager): oh Gaetà, that’s past … this other phenomenon ca ‘no. (Technical director): eh … (Site manager): and tonight you measure, oh well? a’mo stand out did you see? “.

Main access road to the city

Officially it is the Bisantis viaduct, but everyone calls it the Morandi bridge, from the name of the designer, the engineer Riccardo Morandi (also father of the Genoa bridge which collapsed on 14 August 2018 causing 43 victims): it is the main access road to Catanzaro .

It was inaugurated in 1962 The Catanzaro viaduct, built by So.Ge.Ne of Rome, was inaugurated in 1962, after only three years from the beginning of the works and after having passed an impressive load test which many citizens witnessed. In a short time it became the symbol of the city also for some characteristics that, especially at the time, made it unique in its kind. It is an arch bridge built on a single reinforced concrete arch. It is still subject to maintenance contracted by Anas.


Catanzaro Morandi bridge Sansinato tunnel seized

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