Background Quirinale, Pd-M5s panic triggers. The real obstacle in Draghi’s way – Time

Background Quirinale, Pd-M5s panic triggers. The real obstacle in Draghi’s way – Time
Background Quirinale, Pd-M5s panic triggers. The real obstacle in Draghi’s way – Time

The words entrusted by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, to Bruno Vespa in his latest book make the Quirinale’s Pandora’s box explode. If there is no possibility of a Mattarella bis then Mario Draghi is fine, who would still lead the government “convoy” at the Colle in a sort of de facto semi-presidentialism, the reasoning of the Northern League. Which in addition to angering Matteo Salvini, as reported by some background, brings out new hypotheses on the election of the President of the Republic, in January.

The problem is to distinguish between true messages and bluffs, we read in a background of Libero who deepens the hypothesis of Draghi at the Quirinale. Not even Giuseppe Conte excludes it: “no foreclosure” but it is not the first choice. The ideal candidate is, needless to say, “a high-profile figure who can be a guarantee for national unity”. “I am a great admirer of President Draghi and we work with conviction every day. But I’m not soon at totonomi now, it’s too early”, Luigi Di Maio told DiMartedì. And he noted that if we go to the early vote in February, “we will not have a government before June or July. That is, when we have to start spending the 230 billion euros of European funds, we will not have a government in its full power”.

While Matteo Renzi insists with Pier Ferdinando Casini (“He is a former president of the Chamber of Deputies, in many cases the former presidents of the Republic were first presidents of one of the branches of Parliament”) the Pd raises shields against the exit of Giorgetti. The fact is that “no one, in fact, with the exception of Giorgia Meloni, wants this legislature to end before its time. And Luigi Di Maio, yesterday to the press, repeated it: returning to the vote is unthinkable” is the analysis of the newspaper.

However, there is another aspect to consider. If Draghi were to marry at the Quirinale, which figure could hold the current variegated majority together? “The natural choice falls on Daniele Franco, Minister of Economy. Or on Renato Brunetta, the senior minister. But would the parties accept their authority, as they do now with Draghi? Or would they slip to the vote? to exclude, according to many, the hypothesis “. But there is a big unknown about the vote for the head of state: “This is a Parliament without leaders leading the troops. The largest group, the M5S, is Balkanized. The Mixed, which has 100 parliamentarians, is a nebula. The Democratic Party is made up of a thousand tribes “confesses a dem exponent. Everything is possible.

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