The bishops are also on the field to challenge Bolsonaro (and attack Salvini)

The bishops are also on the field to challenge Bolsonaro (and attack Salvini)
The bishops are also on the field to challenge Bolsonaro (and attack Salvini)

The tour in Italy of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues, amid controversy. In the aftermath of the criticism for the honorary citizenship attributed by the mayor of Anguillara veneta, close to the Lega, and the clashes that took place in Padua, in front of the Basilica of Sant’Antonio, yesterday in Pistoia new protests.

And this time it was the diocese who criticized the visit of the South American head of state to the Votive Monument of the Brazilian fallen during the Second World War – accompanied by the leader of the League Matteo Salvini. «We learn from the press of Senator Salvini’s visit to the San Rocco cemetery to coincide with the visit of the president of Brazil. We believe it is urgent – reads a note – to underline that the stages of any institutional, political or personal meetings are to be allocated to other moments and other places that have nothing to do with this solemn moment of meditation which, unfortunately, is being lost. the true meaning, in place of the umpteenth political-media exasperation ».

The Brazilian president arrives in Pistoia in the morning to participate in the commemoration of the fallen compatriots; waiting for him are Salvini and the League’s Undersecretary of Defense Stefania Pucciarelli. The president of the Region Eugenio Giani, the mayor of Fdi, Alessandro Tomasi, are missing, while the bishop, Monsignor Fausto Tardelli, sends the parish priest of the nearby church to celebrate the ceremony.

The diocese of Pistoia sinks: «We are forced to call everyone to ensure that we return immediately to a climate more suitable for the solemnities and anniversaries that await us in the coming days. Finally, let us remember that the commemoration of the dead is a particular work of mercy by Christians and cannot and must not be the object of hateful exploitation by any political party ”.

Bolsonaro extends his hand to friendly Italy. “Although the Atlantic Ocean separates us – he says – we are closer than ever, we are brothers. It is an honor to be here for the first time in this shrine to commemorate all the people who fought for what is most important to us, our freedom ”. “There are those who manage to make controversy about the fallen in the war,” Salvini complains.

«Bolsonaro is the elected president of a friendly Republic, who came here today to remember thousands of soldiers who fought to free Italy from the Nazi-Fascist dictatorship. It is surreal that it is being challenged. The controversies are incredible ».

“If we had had to wait for the decisions of the left-wing presidents, some Italian terrorists would still be free in Brazil, sunbathing on the beach. For this I have to thank Bolsonaro ”, adds Salvini with reference to the role of the Brazilian president in the extradition of the former terrorist Cesare Battisti, sentenced to life imprisonment in Italy for four murders during the Years of Lead.

At the end of the ceremony, Bolsonaro and Salvini stopped to talk for a few moments. “The two leaders have had the opportunity to share the indignation for the protest of a left that only knows how to insult and attack – it is reported by the Northern League – even when they go to commemorate the victims of Nazi-fascism”. Bolsonaro concluded his lightning visit to Tuscany by stopping at the monumental complex of Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, pausing for some souvenir photos under the Losing Tower and in front of the Duomo.

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