Seized the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro – Calabria

Seized the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro – Calabria
Seized the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro – Calabria

The Sansinato tunnel on the Ss280 was also seized

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Catanzaro as part of the investigation that led to the execution of six precautionary measures against entrepreneurs, ordered the seizure, with right of use, of the “Bisantis” viaduct, known as the Morandi bridge in Catanzaro, and of the Sansinato tunnel on Statale 280 dei due mari, in order to carry out investigations of a technical nature. An Anas engineer was banned from exercising the profession (6 months) and a surveyor (9 months). The investigating judge also ordered the preventive seizure of three construction companies and over 200 thousand euros as a profit from the alleged crimes.

The military of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Catanzaro, coordinated by the Dda of Catanzaro, carried out an order for the application of a precautionary measure issued by the Gip at the Court of Catanzaro, against 6 subjects under investigation for various reasons for fraudulent transfer of values, self-laundering, corruption in judicial acts, criminal conspiracy, fraud in public supplies, with the aggravating circumstance of having facilitated mafia-type associations in relation, inter alia, for the extraordinary maintenance works of the “Morandi” bridge in Catanzaro and of a stretch of the SS280 “dei Due Mari”.


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Seized Morandi bridge Catanzaro Calabria

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