“I’m not a watchdog! The role of Chiesa, Dybala, Morata, McKennie… ”- SOS Fanta

“I’m not a watchdog! The role of Chiesa, Dybala, Morata, McKennie… ”- SOS Fanta
“I’m not a watchdog! The role of Chiesa, Dybala, Morata, McKennie… ”- SOS Fanta

November 3, 2021 at 09:15

The you he regained the victory in the Champions League, last night the success against Zenit. Good news from the attack, with the goals of Chiesa and Morata and the super match of Dybala. Massimiliano Merry thus spoke of the singles and the moment of Juventus.

WITHDRAW – “I am a coach, not a watchdog. We went to the training camp on Monday morning, we got together and had a good workout. Now we have to prepare for the match against Fiorentina which will be a difficult match ”.

DYBALA – “Paulo played a technically excellent match, like the rest of the team. He had presented himself well in retreat, having a good month. Then it stopped with the injury. He has the right spirit to show the qualities he has, he like the team. Let’s take this step, it’s very important. Now we recover because we are late in the championship ”.

LATE CHANGES – “We didn’t risk anything, it wasn’t right to change who was on the pitch. Once I made the 3-1 and 4-1 I tried to get someone to recover a few minutes “.

MCKENNIE – “He is in excellent physical condition and is doing very well”.

MUST – “I’m happy for Alvaro. He’s an excellent player, he felt more at ease, he walked more around the pitch and he didn’t just play with his back to the goal.

TRIDENT – “Trident Chiesa-Morata-Dybala? It is a good solution. These three were needed in front, then in others different solutions will be needed ”.

CHURCH – “He made the tip when Morata wasn’t there or he played right or left. In the second half he played better: when he has an open field it becomes devastating. Why right? There is Danilo who maybe pushes a little less. I opened a little more Morata, who is better when he does not play with his back to the goal. Dybala was a bit of a finisher of the two “.

MIDFIELD – “McKennie has grown, Locatelli has done well. The midfielders worked well because Bernardeschi played a good match in terms of quantity, that’s what he has to do ”.


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