Undersecretary Costa “sets” the date


The audience of people is expanding who, soon, will be able to undergo the third dose of Covid vaccine. The Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, on the sidelines of a visit to the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical plant in Florence, he said in some statements reported by ‘SkyTg24’: “It is reasonable to think of an extension of the audience. By the end of the year it will be possible to reach the age of 50“.

Costa then launched a “appeal“To all those citizens for whom the administration of the third dose is already planned:”They need to start booking in regional platforms to help from an organizational and logistical point of view “.

Regarding the new dose for those who have received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine, the undersecretary explained: “The intention is indicate to all the heterologous administration, that is, with an mRna vaccine, after 6 months from inoculation or even earlier “.

Covid vaccines and restrictions: Costa clarifies

According to Costa, if currently “citizens who have decided not to get vaccinated can take advantage of a whole series of freedoms, it is because 45 million fellow citizens have instead been vaccinated and have well understood how vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic” .

For this reason, Costa reported, “it is clear that these citizens who do not vaccinate today risk taking on the responsibility of seeing some restrictions prolonged”.

The hope of the undersecretary is that “there is a responsibility on the part of those citizens who still have not vaccinated themselves, in the belief that most of them are citizens not attributable to the category of No vax, against whom evidently all scientific evidence it does not produce any convincing effect, but there is a good part of it that can be convinced and must be convinced through dialogue ”.

New infections: Costa’s point

Speaking of the current situation in Italy linked to Covid-19, Undersecretary Costa pointed out: “There is a increase in infections, there is no doubt, but the data that we must observe more carefully is the data of hospitalizations, which today, after all, is still well below the thresholds ”.

And again: “I think that a contributing cause of the increase in infections may also be related to the fact of the extension of the Green pass. Let us remember that in recent days there has been a large increase in tampons, so it is also normal that by increasing the tampons we discover more positives, perhaps asymptomatic. This can also be positive because it allows us to better track, monitor and control ”.

According to Costa, “the evidence tells us that today those who end up in hospital, in intensive care, are in most cases unvaccinated. We must clearly say that what defends us from the virus is not the swab but the vaccine“.

Covid, new protocol for the school

In the morning, to the microphones of ’24 Mattino ‘on’ Radio 24 ‘, Costa had announced new rules for the school: “Between today and tomorrow the new protocol for schools will be approved by the government”. Then he added: “This is a protocol that foresees several cases and triggers the distance learning only in the case of 3 positive people in a classroom “.

Virgil News | 02-11-2021 16:58

Photo source: ANSA

Covid vaccine, third dose: when it could be extended to everyone

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