brandy and orange juice before the murder in the house. Then 40 euros spent on beers –

brandy and orange juice before the murder in the house. Then 40 euros spent on beers –
brandy and orange juice before the murder in the house. Then 40 euros spent on beers –

In the movies, the killers run away after the crime. They don’t go to a park to divide up forty euros of booty and spend it immediately on beer cans. They do not wear the same clothes used to kill and they do not text each other on their cell phones with the news of the murder. Nor do they show up to resell the stolen goods to the Gold Buyer, leaving their identity documents. But in the movies, no one kills for so little. No one would ever start stabbing and ending up with an iron a blind and sick ninety-year-old to take away a handful of nothing: two necklaces, a ring, a watch, forty euros taken from a wallet and a pair of sunglasses. Fernanda Cocchi, a tailor’s life, died killed by two murderers without a plan and without a sense. Things went like this, with the squalor of a brutal and at the same time normal disease, where you make an appointment on the phone as you see each other for an aperitif. Sipping brandy and orange juice while waiting to go kill.

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The call

“Yesterday morning I called my friend Gabriel to whom I proposed to go and rob the house of an old woman who lives on the first floor of my building – says in the summary information Mario Abraham Calero Ramirez, 44 years old Peruvian, just stopped by the agents -. He agreed and I advised him to wear gloves so as not to leave fingerprints. We met at 12 at the Sammartini park and we started drinking brandy mixed with orange juice ». It’s almost 2pm last Friday. Calero Ramirez and his 22-year-old friend Carlos Gabriel Velasco, Ecuadorian, married and with a son, are in a hurry to kill: “When Gabriel asked me to go to the old woman, I replied that we had to wait until 2pm because I knew he was going out to throw the trash can“. The first confession – not confirmed in front of the lawyer and the prosecutor Rossella Incardona where the suspects made use of the right not to answer as happened yesterday during the hearing to validate the arrest before the investigating judge Anna Calabi who confirmed the prison – reveals however all the details of the crime and allows the police to track down the pants worn by Calero Ramirez and thrown in a construction site in via Medeghino.

Carlos Velasco

The story

The story is lucid, precise, dramatic when it recalls the old woman’s struggle to survive. “At about 2 pm we went to via Ponte Seveso 26, I went in and approached the condominium door and the door of staircase A to allow Gabriel to follow me – the 44-year-old tells the police -. I waited for him on the first floor landing and when he reached me I saw that he had pulled up the hood of his gray sweatshirt and mask. I pointed to the door to Gabriel and he offered to cover the peepholes. He did this using a receipt I had in the Carrefour pocket. We put on gloves ». At that point the two wait for their prey, hidden on the landing: «After half an hour, when the old woman came out Gabriel took her from behind with one arm around her neck and with the other hand he covered her mouth. We went into the house and I closed the door with the keys that were inserted. Gabriel dragged her into the room and threw her to the ground. The lady reacted and tried to scream. My friend told me to take the knife out of his sweatshirt pocket and use it. I took two blows to the head with the handle ».

The deadly blows

Calero Ramirez says he did not have the courage to kill, but perhaps it is just an attempt to unload responsibility on the accomplice: “Gabriel told me to use the blade but I didn’t feel like it because I didn’t want to kill it and then, since the lady on the ground kept screaming told me to hold her still and give the knife to him. Gabriel hit her on the back of the head and neck with the knife. The lady stopped screaming, I realized she was dead ». Firefighters will find her on the floor with the iron cord tied around her neck. For the coroner it is possible that the fatal blows were delivered with the plate of the appliance. “We started looking for money. I found a wallet in the kitchen, there was 40 euros in it. I took the money. We then took a pair of sunglasses, another brown women’s wallet, empty, and a steel-colored watch I found in the bedroom. ‘ It is at that point that the apartment is set on fire to eliminate the traces: «After searching the whole house, Gabriel decided to set it on fire using the kitchen lighter and a synthetic T-shirt. I did not agree, I did nothing to block it and I went towards the exit door ».

After the crime

The story of the 44-year-old Peruvian continues by explaining what happened after the crime. In those days he slept with his sister who lives on the fourth floor of the same building as the victim. And right in the Calero Ramirez building he will be noticed and stopped on Saturday morning during an inspection by the homicide policemen, directed by Marco Calì and Alessandro Carmeli: “Gabriel left the apartment, then I too went out immediately and went to the fourth floor to my house at the swimming pool …. After a few minutes I reached Gabriel at the 91 stop. We got off at Lotto and took bus 98 and arrived in Piazzale Segesta. We went to the park where we shared the stolen money, 20 euros each, and got some beers. At around 10pm I got on 91 and fell asleep. I got home at 7 in the morning ».

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