3 entrepreneurs arrested, 6 shops seized

They would have emptied a company by opening others with the same legal and operational headquarters, sending the first into bankruptcy and leaving a hole of about 1.2 million euros. The finance police arrested and placed Cesare Ciulla, 61, under house arrest; Patrizia Giannettino, 59 years old; and Noemi Ciulla, 27 years old; owners of Hessian bags, clothing and accessories stores. The financial police also proceeded with the preventive seizure of the capital of four companies and six clothing stores scattered between the center of Palermo and Cefalù for a value of three million.

The collapse of the shops Hessian, the owner: “A toy … I manage them with serenity” | Video

For the entrepreneurs, administrators of fact and law of the well-known chain, the accusations are those of fraudulent bankruptcy and self-laundering. The investigating judge also applied to them the interdicting measure of the temporary ban on business activities for a period of one year.

Conducting the investigation, under the coordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, were the investigators of the Economic and Financial Police Group for the protection of capital markets, who investigated the entrepreneurs through wiretapping and accounting checks that would have revealed “an articulated ‘system of companies – reads a note – conceived and created by a single direction attributable to the suspects, the result of a complex distracting planning, aimed at continuing the activity through the establishment of new companies with similar corporate structure and governance as well as identical assets that represented the business continuation of the previous business”.

Through this mechanism, the “parent” company would have slowly slipped towards bankruptcy, leaving however to the entrepreneurs the possibility to carry on, under another banner, the business of selling clothing and accessories. “The companies and shops seized – add by the provincial command – have been entrusted to a judicial administrator appointed by the court of Palermo to manage them in the interest of the community, with the task of guaranteeing business continuity and maintaining employment levels, to preserve rights of workers and users themselves “.

“Once again the financiers of Palermo have brought to light the fraudulent conduct carried out by well-known Palermo entrepreneurs that led to the bankruptcy of the family company with the aim of continuing to carry out commercial activities with other companies attributable to the same suspects”, comments the provincial commander, general Antonio Quintavalle Cecere. “This is a significant damage to the healthy economy of the city, already severely tested by the lockdown period. Suffice it to say that, from a recent study on bankruptcy procedures opened in the first half of 2021, among the largest regions only the Sicily records an increase of + 1.4% compared to the first half of 2019 – he says -. Therefore, the investigative activity of the financial police of Palermo continues unceasingly – coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office – to protect the economic order and entrepreneurs who operate in compliance with the law “.


entrepreneurs arrested shops seized

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