“For 20 days no one has freed her”

“For 20 days no one has freed her”
“For 20 days no one has freed her”

There is no peace Ennio Di Lalla, the 86-year-old from the neighborhood Don bosco literally evicted from his home by an squatter. For twenty days he has found hospitality with his brother, hoping that, as soon as possible, his apartment will be freed by the authorities. But at the moment nothing. “That woman probably helped by others unhinged the door of my house, settling inside with a child and from that moment on I could not return: I evicted, they in the midst of my memories. I couldn’t even take the medicines, ”says the retiree, a former state employee.

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How does she feel?
“Not well. I have heart problems and I suffer from kidney failure. I can’t have strong emotions, otherwise I feel bad and I have severe pain in my chest. And so I try to curb any disappointment, but also anger. I don’t have it with the institutions. But I am so amazed. They explained to me that I need an order from the magistrate to get me back to my apartment. The result? Twenty days have passed and I am still away from home. This does not even happen in poorer and more backward countries than Italy ».

How do you know?
“I’ve traveled all over the world. Elsewhere there are very strict laws. I really don’t think a homeowner can be evicted from a squatter. ‘

It was a woman who occupied it, did you know her?
“Absolutely not, never seen in my life. I only glimpsed it once when the carabinieri at my request came to see that the door had been forced open and the lock changed. The military rang the bell and this lady with a foreign accent opened the door. A Kafkaesque situation: me on the landing, she inside the house. I was not able to enter even when the carabinieri crossed the threshold to identify her. Later it was specified to me that without the eviction order from a judge they would not have been able to intervene. There was no flagrantness of a theft. Even if, in those moments, I felt robbed not only of my house, but of my whole life ».

What did you notice in those situations?
“That the door, in fact, had been forced open, the lock changed, so much so that my key did not enter. And then on the intercom, next to the door, the name of a woman had been placed in place of my name, as if it were a small town in the East. Whether it’s the real name or not, I don’t know. ‘

Did you live in Don Bosco for many years?
“I had lived there since the 1950s with my parents. We used to pay rent to an institution. I later redeemed the accommodation, buying it with my own money. That house is full of memories. There are all the photos of my life. My books, many, my paintings. My collections. I’m afraid I’ve lost them forever, maybe sold for little money. For me, however, they have an enormous value ».

How and when did you find out that your house had been occupied?
“Late in the evening or night of October 13th. The condominium administrator informed me that he had been alerted by some neighbors that he had heard noises. There and then I thought of an attempted theft. The next morning, when I went, I found out that worse had happened. ‘

How long had he been away?
«For just a couple of days to carry out medical checks, I had also left the shopping in the fridge».

What did he do then?
«Immediately a complaint for illegal occupation. But my lawyer, the lawyer Alessandro Olivieri, believes that other crimes have also been committed: in addition to damage, trespassing and, obviously, if my possessions have also been stolen, there will be theft in the apartment “.

And now?
“I know a magistrate has opened a file, he’s investigating. I repeat, I am not angry with anyone, I am waiting. But give me back my house, all this is absurd ».


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