way sheet for the port no Green pass

way sheet for the port no Green pass
way sheet for the port no Green pass

Stefano Puzzer, referent of port from Trieste at the head of the protest no Green pass, this morning he set up a banquet in Piazza del Popolo a Roma attracting a few hundred people opposed to the Green pass. On the spot, the agents of the Digos and the Scientific Police arrived to monitor and film all the phases of the demonstration. In regards to this, the Rome Police Headquarters has issued a compulsory travel document with a stay ban for one year from the capital, ordering him to return to Trieste by 9 pm tomorrow. In case of violation – it is explained – he will commit a new crime.

Green pass, Puzzer: “Don’t come to Trieste, it’s a trap”

Reportedly, he will be reported to the Prosecutor for an unannounced event. Further analyzes are underway to verify whether there are any other person’s criminally detectable situations. Today he had expressed his intention to continue his protest in Piazza del Popolo to the bitter end. “We will stay here until we get an answer,” he explained in the afternoon saying he was ready to come back “every day, even until 31 December”.


sheet port Green pass

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