“No to parades without masks” – Corriere.it

“No to parades without masks” – Corriere.it
“No to parades without masks” – Corriere.it
from Margherita De Bac

Zaia (Veneto) and Kompatscher (Alto Adige): «Cases are increasing, there is the risk of new restrictions». Drug agency, new timing for those who received the single-dose

Covid numbers worsen, Regions fear the worst. In Veneto the governor Luca Zaia he shared the concerns with the general managers of the health companies: «The hospitals hold up but the infections rise due to the multiple gatherings and street demonstrations. We are entering a critical phase, the cold season does not favor us. Caution is needed, vaccination alone is not enough ».

Fear in Bolzano

Zaia condemns the processions where masks are not used: «Intolerable. Let’s avoid what happened in Trieste, an outbreak of 100 positives ». The president of the autonomous province of Bolzano, Arno Kompatscher, is even more alarmed. In South Tyrol, one of the strongholds of the no vax, “the figures are rising. The low rate of vaccinations corresponds to a greater number of infections. The risk is to have to impose more restrictive measures. We are experiencing a situation similar to that of Austria and Germany ». Controls in the province have been intensified.

Holland closes

But the coordinator of the scientific technical committee Franco Locatelli heartened: «The situation is not out of control. Indeed, it is the most favorable in Europe ». And in fact, other governments are preparing to close. The Dutch premier Mark Rutte announced the return to the obligation to wear a mask indoors.

Aifa e J&J

Today, the final decision of the drug agency Aifa on the “fate” of those vaccinated with the single dose of Johnson & Johnson is awaited. They all agree, in line with the other national technical bodies, to provide for a booster with an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna), thus implementing the so-called heterologous scheme since J&J (like AstraZeneca) is prepared with the technology of the viral vector).

Ok the heterologous

The 600,000 Italians who opted for the single-dose between May and mid-June will most likely have to return to the administration centers starting 6 months after the first and only inoculum. The same timing indicated for the categories for which the third injection is recommended (over 60, immunosuppressed, frail) after the previous two based on Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. The latest updated studies showed a progressive “decay” of antibodies.

Stocks expiring

The Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa clarifies: “The intention is to use mRNA vaccines even before the expiry of the 6 months, for those who want” Why the heterologous? In fact, compounds based on the viral vector no longer exist in Italy. They fell into disuse after all the problems inherent in the risks of serious side effects (rare forms of thrombosis) and the consequent recommendation not to immunize under-60s with these compounds. military airport of Pratica di Mare e in part already donated to Third World countries in compliance with international commitments and to prevent them from becoming useless due to the impending deadline.

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