Innovation Rhapsody, presentation of the book by Alberto Gennari

Milano – Thursday 4th November 2021, at 18.30, on Mudec – Museum of Cultures in Milan (via Tortona 56) hosts the presentation of the book Innovation Rhapsody by Alberto Gennari, in the context of Mudec Literary Thursdays.

Milano – Every step of an organization always depends on the quality of a collective work. Carefully evaluating the people to be involved, creating the best possible context so that everyone can express themselves at their best, defining the most effective type of social architecture become crucial elements for the success of any initiative. Innovation Rhapsody declines the theme of innovation in many different ways, all extremely relevant and contemporary, providing tools, inspirations and harmonies to work and live better and touching on the key challenges that organizations are facing in this post-pandemic phase, where it will be essential not only to restart, but also to re-imagine the future.

Milano – Free entry, with the obligation of a Green Pass and prior Online registration mandatory.

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Innovation Rhapsody presentation book Alberto Gennari

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