Gianni Campagna, the tailor from Sicily to Hollywood: the war of the heirs ends

Gianni Campagna, the tailor from Sicily to Hollywood: the war of the heirs ends
Gianni Campagna, the tailor from Sicily to Hollywood: the war of the heirs ends

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They lay down their weapons, after three years of bitter battles with complaints, cross appeals and stamped papers, the heirs of Gianni Campagna, famous tailor of popes and Hollywood stars, who died suddenly at the age of 74 in November 2018. The “War of the Roses” ends yesterday with the ruling of the second criminal section which marks a blow in favor of the new board of directors and declares the crime extinguished due to remission of complaint against Andrea , accused of having emptied the family company of which he was director in favor of a parallel activity and also accused of embezzlement. Andrea Campagna had been indicted by the gup Livio Cristofano in December 2020: his brother Angelo and the directors of the new board denounced him. In civil proceedings, the disputes of Gianni Campagna & have all been resolved in favor of the new directors of the company. A success story of other times that of Gianni, a man of the world, very generous, in love with women, as everyone describes him, three children: Angelo, Andrea, Virginia. The war that broke out between the two sons, born of ancient disagreements, was kept at bay by their father when he was still alive, only to flare up at the time of the complicated division of the substantial inheritance. At stake are small debts to be paid, but above all the share control of the Gianni Campagna & c. spa, family safe, among other things owner, together with Banca Popolare di Milano, of the splendid headquarters in palace in via Palestro 24, a noble living room in Milan.

A extraordinary story, with the outlines of the fable, that of Gianni, one of the last Italian tailors famous all over the world. Sicilian, born in 1943 into a family of farmers from Roccalumera, near Taormina, came to dress movie stars, from Sharon Stone a Pierce Brosnan, politicians, cardinals and even popes. The fifth child in a farming family, Campagna fell in love with the world of tailoring while watching Hollywood movies. In 1962 he moved to Milan to practice in the Caraceni tailor shop and then in the Baratta one, to then open, in 1999, his own atelier on the corner with Corso Venezia and also take over the ownership of Caraceni and Baratta. His life was not, however, all roses and flowers: “I went to work because I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in the country and I wanted to get rich to marry her,” he joked. In reality, he later said, my father died when I was three, I was the last of five children, I had to start working at 13. The file went to the local tailor, then in Milan he went to Caraceni and told him: “He has to take me by force.”

And so it was. Sicily, Milan and America. Much later it became the tailor of Onassis, Sophia Loren, Gianni Agnelli, Enrico Cuccia, Gary Cooper, Prince Rainier, Paul Newman and Wall Street managers. He traveled the world to dress his customers. Already in recent years, however, when Gianni had already left the presidency of the board of Gianni Campagna & c. spa, strong conflicts had begun between the sons Angelo, who took over from their father in leading the group, and Andrea, who together with his father was in the C. & C., minority shareholder of the parent company. A tangle of corporate interests difficult to untangle even for insiders, which after the death of the progenitor resulted in a real legal war between the two brothers Angelo and Andrea.

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