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Shopping and citizenship income, this is how the parallel economy that feeds the Sperone works

A parallel (and illegal) economy, on which the livelihood of many families depends, which in any case try to survive even with the citizenship income (34 suspects in the “Nemesis” investigation who perceive it): there are those who work shifts to sell and are recruited in the same way that would be used to hire a waiter (“do you make them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?”) and must also have the right physique (” you are tired, you have asthma, you may have a heart attack “); there are those who provide an IACP garage or accommodation to store drugs in exchange for 350 euros a week, those who transport hashish, cocaine and crack from one part of the neighborhood to another (including a minor nicknamed not by chance “birillino”), who keeps the accounts, who cuts the “smoke” after having heated it with a hair dryer, who makes the pole, who drops doses with a red basket from the window. And, despite the arrests, complaints and the discovery of bugs, the drug dealing industry at the Sperone never stops. With an important role also entrusted to women.

The duty to save the Spur

The “square”, as emerges from some interceptions of the carabinieri operation, would no longer be as flourishing as it once was (“my father was making 10 thousand euros a week, now they are a thousand”) also because too many would contend for it and the expenses to be support – including those for lawyers in case of arrest – would be quite large (“two arrests cost me 600 euros this week!”). For all suspects however, selling drugs – they say it clearly – is considered a “job” in all respects.

The dealing centers managed by a suspect in house arrest

To give an idea of ​​the spread of the phenomenon – unfortunately well known and which regains strength in spite of the hundreds of arrests made over the years by the police – are already the 60 pages of the ordinance of the investigating judge Fabio Pilato necessary only to list the charges. The outlet centers would have been in passage De Felice Giuffrida 6 and 2 and at number 3 of via Sacco e Vanzetti, while in passage Bernardino Verro 3 there would have been a laboratory for the production of crack. One of the undisputed leaders of the networks managed by the Altieri and Serio families, would have been Giovanni Nuccio, who would have organized the sale even though he was in house arrest. For the investigators, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Salvatore De Luca, he would have been helped by his brother Fabrizio, but also by his wife, Maria Mangiapane, and by his mother, Rosalia Mantegna.

The refueling of cocaine by the boss Stefano Marino

Furthermore, for the supply of cocaine, the role of the boss Stefano Marino and one of his presumed loyalists, Nicolò Giustiniani, would have been fundamental, both already involved in one of the lines of investigation on the so-called bone breakers and convicted in the first degree. Giustiniani, thanks to the drug business, would also have been able to pull up in a few months a luxury villa in Ficarazzi, complete with a swimming pool, fireplace, built-in kitchen and huge TV.

Drugs delivered by bike and at home | video

Drugs also hidden in a little girl’s room and in the flower beds

The drug would have been hidden and packaged almost everywhere, from a little girl’s room to the flower beds, among the parked cars, as well as in the hallways and corridors of buildings. Just last week the police had accomplished another blitz in the neighborhood and had emerged as “smoke” and “grass” would have been hidden even on the roof and between the solar panels of the Vaccarella bar (which ended up under seizure).

“Ten years ago 10 thousand euros a week came out of here”

Gianluca Altieri tells how times have changed: “Now you here before wished 10 thousand euros in a week, now you earn a thousand. And how do you have to live? My father, you see that he has been doing this job for 10 years. The blow has taken! Because before they were my father and underneath there was another. Now they have become, only in here, they have become 10 (drug dealers, ed) … My father, you see that he was spinning 10 thousand euros a week, only my father, they reached 700, one thousand euros a week. This is the life! Here we don’t talk about customers anymore, here we talk about if they come to you, come here, if that goes, go to that, Christians are already being made who gives them more, they go there, because they leave with my money! The customer is no longer there … ‘The same thing you have, that one has it’ … After an hour you see that the customer goes there: ‘What are you doing, you pulled my customer ? ‘. The customer replies: ‘No, I am the owner of my picciuli, they all live with my money’ “.

Profits also invested in a butcher shop

According to the investigators, the Nuccio family, however, would have reinvested the proceeds of the drug dealing activity in the purchase of vehicles, in the renovation and furnishing of a passing apartment Verro, as well as in a butcher’s shop, “I piaceri della carne” in via XXVII May. And, according to Fabrizio Nuccio, in any case, “when one is in trouble there must be seriousness”.

“Do you want to work every other day?”

As it comes out of the wiretapping, you had to get busy, “work” precisely: “Tell him Giuseppe who works! He wants to do every other day. Do you want to work every other day, in the evening?” Gianluca Altieri asked, trying to recruit Michele Bravo, who replied: “How much are you giving me?”. Paolo Altieri replied: “I give him twenty euros, 25. So much so, you collect 300, 500 euros a day, 4 hours do you! You don’t do 20 hours”. But the alleged pusher would have been undecided: “Those again came to look for me, day 27 I have another trial …”.

“Do you make them these 3 days for 50 euros?”

Gianluca Altieri proposed the same “job” to another person: “Do you have to do them these three days? Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll let Alessio (Sammartino, ed)? To simanata? Fifty Euros? What do you have to do? In the morning and in the evening … “Sammartino himself, nicknamed” banana “was then arrested.

“They arrested a ‘banana’, who takes this damage?”

A piece of news that would have created some problems, as we understand from the words of Paola Balistreri, captured on April 27, 2018: “They have taken to ‘banana’ … Who should take this on? . I said, take them out of the hut, by now it’s burned, even under the containers they could put them, by now they have taught themselves that they also check the license plates of the cars, but then there’s stu tignusu (referring to a carabiniere, ed)! Make them all change their places, hut is enough! They can be placed there, further on, in the low wall … “.

“This is not good, he has asthma and can’t run”

The woman also complained about Salvatore Calafiore: “I need a picciutteddu who makes me … I even give him 30 euros a day! He makes me from morning until evening … Calafiore always hurts me, it’s dangerous .. He can’t even run, he has asthma when he gets up here … A picciutteddu, look for me a picciutteddu who is a brave! I have to work with anxiety every day. “

“You may have some heart attack”

Calafiore was actually put aside and then called Paola Balistreri to ask for explanations: “Your husband doesn’t want me to work, what have I done to him?” and she replied: “The truth? We are scared because you are a boy for now that you have problems, I also see you tired … I scantu, for so many things, you never know God, you can’t tell, they come here, carefree, who are the cops and you don’t notice it, tu cu scantu you may have a heart attack! “. He almost begged her: “Instead of maybe doing it two days a week, maybe I’ll do 30, 40 euros”, but the woman was adamant: “Well, you’re here and maybe you’re going to stick with it as well as cigarettes, I eat I’ll give it to you, it’s not for this … “, but Calafiore specified:” I don’t care about cigarettes, I don’t smoke anymore “. The suspect explained that “there is not much steam here, yesterday he made 80 euros, during the day it seems that u travagghiu is blocked …”.

“These cops always here, there must be someone talking”

Paola Balistreri would have been constantly cautious: “If they come to stop Piero u Marino and find some notes on him, they carry it too, because he has the vice that he has notes on him … Fuck John was crazy (Nuccio, ed) this morning: ‘At 9 and a half as they go up, even here they checked’ (refers to some interventions by the carabinieri, ed) ‘… In my opinion there must be someone talking, because these cops two consecutive days why did they go to Giovanni’s? “.

“This work is like this: if they arrest the boys you have to get by”

The arrests would have been a “damage” also because then it would also have been necessary to provide for the support and legal expenses of the suspects. In fact, Balistreri always maintained: “Do you see how things came about? To that, to that (he refers to the arrests of Riccardo Machì and Alessio Sammartino, ed) in one week it cost me 600 euros! And 200 euros for the lawyer! If the boys work, they stop it, they have to survive, unfortunately this is the way this job is “.

“You give me little, I have water to pay …”

There were also complaints related to the fees. Paola Balistreri referred to those of Michele Bravo’s mother, Marcella Tuttoilmondo: “Yesterday she met Marcella with her gab, she says: ‘What do you think? Did you tell him about it to someone who will give me 50 euros?’ and I replied: ‘Me? Who are you talking to, Marcella? With the people here, no offense, I don’t treat anyone!’ the water they are cutting me off … ‘”.

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