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School and Covid, the Higher Institute of Health launches the new rules on infections. And Dad could come back

School and Covid, the Higher Institute of Health launches the new rules on infections. And Dad could come back
School and Covid, the Higher Institute of Health launches the new rules on infections. And Dad could come back

Third vaccine in sight for teachers and school workers but also new rules for the management of positives in the classroom. These are the news of the last hours in the world of school. A change that could bring the much contested distance learning back to the surface. The Higher Institute of Health has already prepared the new indications in view of a possible continuation of the pandemic state which now, it seems obvious, will be extended beyond December 31st. By the weekend, the green light should arrive from all ISS interlocutors. Here are the new criteria.

If there is only one positive in class no one will be forced, apart from the person concerned, to stay at home: classmates will do a test immediately (and return to the classroom if negative) and one after five days. If they are infected, there are two the “ad hoc” quarantine is triggered depending on whether you are vaccinated or not: in the first case they carry out surveillance with two tests, at “zero” and at five days; the unvaccinated ones instead go in quarantine for ten days even if negative on the first examination. With three cases pupils and teachers who have carried out activities in the presence, after having taken the first swab, even if negative, go to quarantine. Isolation lasts seven days for the vaccinated and ten for the unvaccinated. Even for teachers, everything will depend on whether they are vaccinated or not and the prevention measures adopted must be taken into account. For the other classes of the school on the other hand, no suspensions are envisaged unless there is a direct intervention by the competent ASL.

Another situation is that of childcare services: for children from zero to six years there is a ten-day quarantine, at the end of which they will have to carry out a test. In primary and secondary school, where up to 12 years they cannot be vaccinated, with two positive cases they go anyway all in quarantine. Another novelty: if the ASL cannot intervene promptly, it is the head teacher together with the Covid contact person who must identify the possible “school contacts” of the positive case and prescribe the measures, following the instructions contained in the document. The school must then communicate the arrangements to be made to students (or parents, in the case of minors) and teachers who have come into contact with the positive within 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms o the execution of the swab in addition, the Covid contact person must communicate the measures adopted to the ASL.

The reaction of the trade union, especially of the CISL Scuola. The national secretary Lena Gissi he immediately took paper and pain to write a letter to the Ministry of Education: “We learn, unfortunately only from press reports, the possibility that they will be introduced significant changes to the measures to be adopted in the event that there are cases of contagion from Covid 19 in the school environment. Given the importance – cites the letter – of a constant dialogue with the social partners on matters concerning the safety in the workplace, also for the purpose of a full and responsible involvement of the staff as a support to the best effectiveness in the application of the measures adopted, the convocation of the permanent national table is requested with the utmost urgency “. The draft of the document with the indications for “the identification and management of contacts of Covid-19 cases in the school environment” has already obtained the green light from Privacy Guarantor who had asked to modify some passages.


School Covid Higher Institute Health launches rules infections Dad

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