Italy is back! Cavallaro and Mouhiidine in the semifinals, two sure medals! – OA Sport

Italy is back! Cavallaro and Mouhiidine in the semifinals, two sure medals! – OA Sport
Italy is back! Cavallaro and Mouhiidine in the semifinals, two sure medals! – OA Sport


21.13 Appointment on Thursday 4 November for the quarter-finals. A sporting greeting.

21.12 Italy therefore puts two safe medals in the safe with Salvatore Cavallaro and Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine. Nothing to do, unfortunately, for Federico Serra. Signs of strong recovery for a movement that has been gasping for almost two decades.

21.10 Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine, in 2021, won 12 matches and lost two, one with the Russian Gadzhimagomedov, then silver in Tokyo, and one with the Cuban-Spanish Reyes. In any case it will not start absolutely beaten: it can be done! It is clear that a perfect match will be needed.

21.09 Emanuel Reyes wins by split-decision 4-1. A decision that we do not agree with, but it is not the first time …

21.08 It ends here. Talley showed a very powerful right foot. Will it be enough to win?

21.05 Attention, Talley takes the second round! Everything will be decided in the third fraction!

21.00 Reyes clearly wins the first round. The Spaniard seems superior (and not a little) to the US.

20.56 Soon the challenge between the Spanish (Cuban naturalized) Reyes and the American Talley. From here will come out the rival of the blue in the semifinals.

20.55 The blue appeared contracted in the first round, perhaps too tense for the stakes. Once he disbanded, he really put on a show, demonstrating a clear superiority over the opponent.

20.53 Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine clearly wins with a unanimous verdict. The cards of the judges: four 30-27 and one 29-28.

Third round in one direction, Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine is in the semifinals! Two sure medals for Italy, we are also being reborn in boxing! We had been dry at the World Cup since 2013 …

Mouhiidine hurts with the right hook.


Left to the body and right hook of the blue, who now also starts jumping in the center of the ring. It is dominating!

AZIZ’S RIGHT UPPERCUT! It is unleashed, its superiority is finally emerging!

Immediately a left-right combination from Aziz.


ALL THE JUDGES ASSIGN THE SHOOT TO AZIZ! Now he just has to avoid being counted or getting warnings in the third and final fraction!

Left-right by Aziz, very balanced recovery. We wouldn’t know who to assign it to.

Sanjeet’s heavy right, this can weigh heavily on the judges. Mouhiidine reacts with a smile, he has cashed well.

Aziz’s right uppercut and then tremendous straight left!

This time the Indian’s right hook hurts.

Right by Sanjeet, the Italian immediately replies.


4 out of 5 judges assign the shot to Aziz, but more needs to be done. So far it is objectively very bad as an encounter.

Left-right combination of blue, which tries to go up with shots.

Jab of the Indian, the Italian responds to the body.

Mouhiidine’s right foot hits.

Right of Sanjeet.

The blue struggles to find clean shots at the start, the Indian keeps his distance.


20.40 Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine enters the ring, followed by Sanjeet.

20.38 Here we are, the previous match has ended. A few moments and it will be time for the blue.

20.37 Mouhiidine is a very technical, fast, dynamic boxer despite his size (1.90 meters). He does not have the blow of the KO, but he can work on it in the future, if (as we hope) he decides to take the path of professionalism after Paris 2024.

20.35 However, it should also be remembered that Sanjeet was defeated by the Italian Matteo Girolamo last March 4th.

20.33 The Indian is an opponent to be taken with a grain of salt, back from 9 consecutive victories among amateurs. Among others he also defeated the Kazakh veteran Levit, while in this world championship he got rid of the Russian Stotsky by surprise.

20.32 Mouhiidine is 23 years old, Sanjeet 24.

20.30 Welcome back to OA Sport friends. In a few minutes the heavyweight quarter-final between the blue Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine and the Indian Sanjeet Sanjeet will begin.

18.18 Appointment around 20.30 for the heavyweight quarter-finals between Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine and the Indian Sanjeet. See you later!

18.15 Split decision: Federico Serra surrenders 1-4 to Roscoe Hill. The cards of the judges: 30-27, 30-27, 28-29, 30-27, 30-27. We do not agree at all, but so be it.

Ends a third round absolutely irrelevant. The judges awarded Roscoe Hill, evidently dazzled by the technique of her wait-and-see and submissive boxing. What happened in the second half told us that boxing risks being excluded from the Olympics, because it is not credible.

INCREDIBLE! Shot assigned to Hill, who in fact won. We have no words …

Serra again! They can’t not give him this round …

The left of the blue still hits the mark.

Nice left upright of Serra.

Hill always poking with the left jab.

Left-right to Serra’s body.

RIGHT OF GREENHOUSE! Hill for a moment on the ropes!

Another heavy left from Serra!

Nice left hook from Serra, who tries to shake himself.

SECOND ROUND! Serra has to change gear now, otherwise goodbye semifinal.

Hill rightly wins the first round. Serra almost always failed.

Serra struggles to find distance, Hill punishes him with a left jab.

As expected, the US tends to sting and run away. Serra has to shorten the distance.

Immediately the right of the American.

FIRST ROUND! The meeting has begun!

18.02 Hill is higher than Serra, so he can claim a greater reach. You have to load with your head down …

18.01 Here finally the boxers, soon we begin.

18.00 A few minutes late, the boxers have not yet entered the ring.

17.55 Roscoe Hill boasts 26 wins and 7 defeats as an amateur. 26-18 the calculation for Serra, who is one year older than his rival (27 to 26).

17.54 The boxing of the American is very technical. A throw-in boxing: he plays a lot with his feet, dodges and scores on time. Serra will have to be aggressive and, above all, precise in delivering the shots.

17.50 Welcome back to OA Sport friends. At 18.00 Federico Serra will enter the ring to face the American Roscoe Hill in the quarter-finals of -51 kg.

15.25 Thanks for joining us, appointment at 18.00 for the quarter-final of -51 kg between Federico Serra and the American Roscoe Hill. In the evening waiting for the maximum Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine against the Indian Sanjeet.

15.22 As expected, the Cuban Hernandez Martinez swept away the unfortunate Croatian Veovic and will be Salvatore Cavallaro’s opponent in the semifinals. It will take a real feat on the part of the blue, but he will have nothing to lose.

15.18 Salvatore Cavallaro will soon know the opponent of the semifinal, which in all probability will be the Cuban Hernandez Martinez.

15.14 The cards of the judges: 27-28, 26-29, 28-27, 27-28, 28-27. Cavallaro risked a lot in the last round, but in our opinion he had clearly won the first two (some judges had seen another match maybe…).

SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !! CAVALLARO WINS BY SPLIT-DECISION 3-2! He is in the semifinals, so a sure bronze medal! Italy returns to the podium at the World Cup after 8 years!

One warning is issued each. The meeting ends. We need to tremble, in our opinion Raiys won the last round and could mock the blue for split-decision (3-2).

Clean right of the Kazakh, who unfortunately is winning this last round.

Bad cut on the forehead for the Kazakh, he loses a lot of blood. It is medicated.

Raiys is attacking with his head down, Cavallaro must be careful.


After two rounds we have two 20-18 for the blue and three 19-19.

Three judges assign the restart to Cavallaro, but everything will be decided in the last fraction!

A melee phase that is seeing the Asian prevail, Cavallaro must not fall into the trap.

Small interruption, shoe untied for the Kazakh.

Sinister of the blue!

Cavallaro’s nice right!

Cavallaro’s right hook, the Asian responds to the body.

Immediately a Kazakh jab.


ALL RIGHT! Four out of five judges assign the shot to Cavallaro, who was much more accurate in his shots, albeit less powerful than those of the Asian.

Heavy right hook from Raiys, who is rising to the chair.

Right-handed of the Kazakh.

Cavallaro still scores, which then slips.

Clinch phase.

Right hook of the blue, replicated.

Immediately a clean left from Cavallaro.

FIRST ROUND! Middleweight quarter-final has begun!

14.58 Russia, Croatia, Guatemala, Japan and Sri Lanka: these are the nationalities of the five judges.

14.57 Here we are, Cavallaro and the Kazakh Raiys are about to get into the ring.

14.55 Italy did not qualify boxers for the Olympics due to criteria distorted by the pandemic. Boxers like Serra, Cavallaro and Mouhiidine would have amply deserved the pass, but they were not allowed to take part in the last available tournament, canceled and replaced by a ranking with little sense.

14.52 Cavallaro also reached the quarter-finals at the 2019 World Championships. Now it is a question of taking the last step that could give a different face to the career.

14.50 Salvatore Cavallaro’s opponent will be the Kazakh Nurkanat Raiys. He is a grumpy boxer, like almost all those coming from that geographical area, because he always tries to direct the match on the hand-to-hand, advancing with his head down and with little technique.

14.47 The fight is underway between the Kazakh Zhussupov and the Mongolian Baatarsuck. Then it will be the turn of Salvatore Cavallaro.

14.45 A very delicate day dedicated to the quarter-finals: a victory would guarantee a secure place on the podium. Italy has been missing a medal in the boxing world championship since 2013.

14.45 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Live broadcast of the 2021 Aiba World Boxing Championships.

How Cavallaro reached the quartersHow Serra got to the quartersHow Mouhiidine made it to the quarters

Hello to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the quarter-finals of the AIBA World Boxing Championships taking place at the Stark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia.

Three blues have come up to this point in the various world championship tournaments taking place in the main Serbian arenas. The first to enter the ring will be Salvatore Cavallaro, who in the final part of the day session will be opposed, in 75 kg, to the Kazakh Nurkanat Raiys to improve what he did two years ago.

At 18:00, at the exact opening of the program for the afternoon session tending to the evening, Federico Serra will return to the ropes in the 51 kg category. For him there is the American Roscoe Hill on the way to a penultimate act that, for him, would really have great significance.

Finally it will be the turn of Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine, who from the beginning has always proved to be the leading man of the Italian expedition. Good at overcoming difficult obstacles to get to the quarters, he will have to deal with the Indian Sanjeet Sanjeet in the 92 kg (not a mistake, he is really called identically with name and surname).

The quarter-finals of the Boxing World Championships will start at 13:00, Italians scheduled respectively around 15:15 (Cavallaro), at 18:00 (Serra) and between 20:30 and 21:00 (Mouhiidine). We will update you in real time regarding the matches of the Azzurri. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Foto: Florent Lepage (Boxing Road to Tokyo)

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