Digital Foundry isn’t thrilled with the graphics changes at all

Digital Foundry isn’t thrilled with the graphics changes at all
Digital Foundry isn’t thrilled with the graphics changes at all

The new reveal of the Halo Infinite campaign showcased the technical improvements made by 343 Industries to give the Sci-Fi shooter a much better graphics than what was shown last year.

Most of the users who are looking forward to the return of Master Chief said they were satisfied with the changes, however there are those who are not particularly impressed by the work done. I tech enthusiast of Digital Foundry discussed the topic in a recent livestream, admitting to have some doubts about what is shown.

Tom Morgan, for example, believes the game has improved overall, but sees the campaign as a simple expansion of the online multiplayer mode, and what we saw in the last trailer – net of the graphic rework – is not the “revolution” that he would have expected.

Alex Battaglia has an even more negative point of view, e believes that certain glimpses shown in the video are even worse than what was seen at E3 2020. Also, the landscape composition in the trailer begins to become redundant in his eyes, and in any case it is not “pretty to look at”.

To close we have Richard Ledbetter, who although not enthusiastic about what he has seen, believes that the improvement is concrete and that the day-night cycle can make a difference in terms of lighting. What does not convince him is the open world structure: Halo has always been based on areas with a precise level design at the base, and the transition to the open world has not yet been presented in the clearest way by 343 Industries. What do you think about it?

Recall that Halo Infinite will be available from December 8 on Windows PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The title will not include remakes of the classic maps of the series in the online multiplayer mode.


Digital Foundry isnt thrilled graphics

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