Bbva, with the Sella group to allow local payments in Italy –

Bbva, with the Sella group to allow local payments in Italy –
Bbva, with the Sella group to allow local payments in Italy –

The multinational banking group Bbva will allow its customers to make local payments in Italy. Thanks to partnership with Banca Sella in the context of open finance, the Spanish financial group will have at its disposal i products of the Italian company through the Bees (Application programming interface) managed on the Fabrick platform, a company that operates internationally to promote open finance. In this way, BBVA customers, both foreign and the new digital bank just launched, will be able to access local payment services such as F24, postal bills, Cbill and pagoPA.

Banking as a service in an international context

This is one of the first initiatives by the Sella group in the context ofstrategic offering of banking as a service (end-to-end process that guarantees the overall execution of a financial service provided on the web, available on request and carried out within a predetermined time). The goal is to enable and grow, with an eye to innovation, the gamma of services to offer to corporate, fintech and financial institutions. The agreement also expands the international collaborations putting at the center of the partnership is the Fabrick platform with the task of providing assistance to some corporate clients of Bbva, which thus has the advantage of optimize technological investments, reduce times implementation and organizational impacts and accelerate those of the market between the conception and marketing of a banking product.

Open finance

This strategic alliance – he declared Javier Lipzcoa, head of digital banking at Bbva Italia – a key element in the launch of our tax payment proposal for Italian users. The strengths of the groups and our experience are key to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Also Andrea Tessera, head of banking as a service of Banca Sella, commented on the collaboration: Our company is among the first to offer innovative tools in as a service mode thanks to the advantage of being part of and promote an open financial ecosystem. The partnership with BBVA is important to enable third parties in an open finance perspective.


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