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Bookings starting from 8 November: the Spa Bonus will be granted up to a maximum of 200 euros in the form of a discount on the invoice. Everything you need to know.

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Everything is ready for the Spa Bonus, ready to go into effect on November 8, 2021. The Invitalia platform has already prepared the registration page for the spas that will join the initiative, while from next week it will be up to the citizens proceed with the purchase of vouchers. A double benefit, designed both to encourage access to spa facilities and to further revive the tourism sector, sunk by the pandemic. The bonus aims to offer cost coverage services up to 100% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of 200 euros.

Given the proximity of the click day, the Faq service is already available on the Invitalia online platform to dispel the last doubts. Although, actually, there is not much to be clarified. The Bonus Terme represents an extremely simple form of facilitation, which will include up to the ceiling of 200 euros also wellness and beauty services (excluding those of catering and outbuildings) and will not be based on Isee requirements. Basically, every adult citizen can request it, regardless of personal and family income. The only stake is any costs exceeding the maximum bonus ceiling, which will clearly be borne by the applicant.

Bonus Terme, how the incentive works in participating structures

An allocation of 53 million euros, with the Terme Bonus that will be available until the amount is exhausted. The intervention will in fact be aimed at one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, with ad hoc resources that will be channeled in order to revive it closely. The list of participating structures will be available on the platform from 2 November. It will be Invitalia to manage the facility, acting on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development. The Mise, with the Decree of 14 August 2020, had established the fund, renewing it also for the following year. The services included will cover both services subject to and not subject to VAT.

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The platform will also represent a fundamental tool for booking. It will be on the web portal, in fact, that applicants will be able to reserve the treatment, choosing one of the participating structures and applying the discount of 200 euros maximum in the form of a discount on the invoice. The Terme Bonus will be for the exclusive use of the applicant and will not be transferable to third parties. As it is also subject to advance booking, the discount cannot be refunded retrospectively. Furthermore, a further advantage is granted by the booking methods, which can be made via email or directly through the website of the institution, filtered by the Invitalia platform. Basically, many advantages and very few limitations. Enough, perhaps, to get the sector moving again.

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