BALZANI: “A dangerous fury against Mourinho, Rome will defend him”

The controversy over the management of Maresca in Rome-Milan, also along the radio frequencies, two days before the European competition with Bodø / Glimt. “If Rome thinks it’s only the referees’ fault, that’s out of the way for me “, dice Furio Focolari. “The regulation is completely torn apart, in one game you decide one thing and in another you decide something else, everyone goes on their own. Very few have seen that penalty on Ibrahimovic”, holds Roberto Pruzzo.

But in the meantime there was no lack of criticism of Mourinho: “It should clarify too many things, after 4 months Roma are not a team“, the lunge of Franco Melli.There is a persistence of a certain type of press against him and this is dangerous “, highlights Francesco Balzani. “Roma have many problems and Mourinho has done his part, he’s wrong too much but I still believe in him”, the analysis of Giancarlo Dotto.


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On the referees I fear a fuss that puts Roma’s problems under trace, evident even with the small ones. I don’t remember a match really dominated by Roma, it’s a team with many problems and Mourinho has put his part in it: like all authoritarian leaders, he gives his best when things go well and his worst when they go bad. He exaggerated a bit, mutilating a rose that was already not very good. But even if he is very wrong, I still believe in him. I am a little disappointed with Abraham, I absolutely don’t see him as a penalty area killer. And it seems to me that he too is losing confidence. In January you won’t have to miss anything (GIANCARLO DOTTO, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

Roma will necessarily go on the market, Mourinho has already been guaranteed a full-back and a midfielder. The problem is that something has to be cut and nobody buys in this market. The episodes that Roma denounce are sacrosanct, but Napoli could also complain about Viña’s foul on Anguissa … The problem is of a general nature and here Pinto is right, we no longer understand anything with the criteria used by the referees, there it’s total confusion. But there is no conspiracy like Rome (ROBERTO MAIDA, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

Just think about the transfer market, but think that Roma’s problems can be solved with two signings in January… That would be another way to divert attention. Putting 2 players into a team with no identity and thinking that everything will work out seems too simplistic to me. I am convinced that Roma is in credit with the referees, but to make certain complaints without allowing objections … (ALESSANDRO VOCALELLI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

I have not heard all the speeches on Mourinho after 9 days on Fonseca in 40 days. The funeral was held with Roma fourth, I notice a persistence on Mourinho of a certain type of press and it is dangerous for Roma. Roma must shield Mourinho (FRANCESCO BALZANI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, I’ll give it to you Tokyo)

I didn’t like Abraham against Milan. He didn’t get great balls, but on the 2-3 occasions when he had some chance he always gave the ball to his opponents. Maximum confidence in English, I am convinced that he only needs to unblock himself but he too has to wake up (ANTONIO FELICI, Centro Suono Sport, 101.5, I’ll give it to you Tokyo)

On Spinazzola you have to be very careful, his injury is the worst that can happen. We will hardly see the real Spinazzola again this year, maybe we will succeed in April… The arbitration wrongs for Roma? Maybe other times the opposite has also happened, as they say from Naples and Cagliari … Let’s say that Roma has suffered more. Tiago Pinto yesterday spoke of a balanced match with Milan, but did it seem like this to you? (FURIO FOCOLARI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

By holding all hopes up, there is the danger of the biggest mockery in the history of Rome. We hope that this danger will be averted by defending at least fourth place, which is already difficult. I don’t think Roma’s ranking depends on referee mistakes. Too many things should clarify Mourinho… From the point of view of the contents it is not a fourth place Rome. After 4 months it is not a team, the problem of Roma is there (FRANCO MELLI, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

Maresca has made more mistakes to the detriment of Roma, the suspension in The Hague certifies the fact that he has refereed badly. I was the first to criticize Pinto, but this time he made some sense. Bad refereeing ruined the match against Milan (LUIGI FERRAJOLO, Radio Radio, 104.5, Radio Radio Lo Sport)

After 11 championship matches and several conferences, Mourinho’s work can begin to be judged. Maybe he was expected to come with the magic wand, it can’t be like that. After the break there was a drop and this raised some doubts, but I did not expect Mourinho miracles with this squad. Serenity and calm, plan with the judgments and with the saying that it is no longer the Special One (ALESSIO NARDO, Tele Radio Stereo 92.7)

I don’t care about beautiful Rome. The Giallorossi are still fourth. Mourinho’s idea is that of Capello, who doesn’t want kids, but Samuel and Emerson. If the Friedkins are able we will see it later (VALENTINA CATONI, Tele Radio Stereo 92.7)

This Rome does not give me a feeling of growth. It seems to me that Mourinho has understood what the Giallorossi group is made of, he knows where to aim, he knows that there are much more valid elements than others. Roma are respecting the expectations of the beginning of the year and without arbitration wrongdoing they would have a few more (RICCARDO COTUMACCIO, Tele Radio Stereo 92.7)

Gasperini has already said what Pinto said: they don’t even know where to start from. There are few good judges and this is a problem. The rules are completely torn apart, in one game you decide one thing and in another you decide something else, everyone goes on their own. Very few have seen that penalty on Ibrahimovic (ROBERTO PRUZZO, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio morning Sport and news)

Ibañez’s surgery is on Ibrahimovic’s ankle. Saying the opposite and denying the evidence foments fan violence (MARIO MATTIOLI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio morning Sport and news)

I don’t want to fall into the trap of Mourinho’s complaints, according to which Roma starts from seventh place. For me there is no penalty on Ibra, but why doesn’t Pinto talk about the penalty not given to Cagliari? (STEFANO AGRESTI, Radio Radio morning sport and news)

If Roma think that it is only the referees’ fault, it is wrong for me. Roma made a few points, the problem is this, the ranking is not the place. A team that wants to go to the Champions League must travel at least 2 points per game (FURIO FOCOLARI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio morning Sport and news)

Except for the match against Napoli that perhaps it was the best played game since the beginning of the season, Roma narrowly lose the direct clashes with Lazio, Juve and Milan, and in all three there are referees’ recriminations for objective referee errors. That Roma on the pitch did not give the feeling of being as strong as Juve, at the height of Lazio for 25 ‘and not fluid to win like Milan ok, but loses by measure because once they bury Zaniolo in the derby, with Juve what happens happens and with Milan they stopped the referee (JACOPO PALIZZI, Tele Radio Stereo, 92.7)

From the point of view of the game, Roma is in deficit for now, for expectations and for the market. On referee mistakes: I have heard the same speeches for 70 years, despite the changes in the rules and despite the VAR. So there are two things: either it is a new football club, or it is just a matter of incompetence and it is a matter of errors. Nothing has changed since the 1950s (TONY DAMASCELLI, Radio Radio 104.5, Radio Radio morning Sport and news)

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