the greatest love of gieffina

Stefano Codegoni is Sophie Codegoni’s father: the two have a truly unique and special relationship. For gieffina, he is the most important man.

The most important man in the life of Sophie codegoni and the dad Stefano with which the former tronista of Men and Women has a very special relationship. As he told in the house of Big Brother Vip, Sophie and her father spend a lot of time together and also love to travel, but who is Stefano Codegoni really?

  • Name: Stefano Codegoni
  • Date of birth: October 24, 1974
  • Birth place: Milano
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Daughter: Sophie Codegoni
  • Tattoos: Stefano Codegoni has many tattoos scattered all over his body
  • Official Instagram profile: @stefano_codegoni

Who is Stefano Codegoni, father Sophie Codegoni: love with the ex gieffina Man Lo Zhang

Stefano Codegoni he is very young. In fact, he was born in Milan in 1974 and he is the father of Sophie Codegoni born from the marriage, now over, with Valeria, Sophie’s mother who is always next to her daughter. Sophie’s father runs a club in Milan and is a lover of viggi and photography.

He is currently engaged to Man Lo Zhang whom the Big Brother audience knows well. The current partner of Sophie Codegoni’s father, in fact, participated as a competitor in Big Brother 2006.

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Stefano Codegoni, during the stay of his daughter Sophie at Big Brother vip 2021, lashed out against Matteo Ranieri, ex boyfriend of Sophie and today tronista of Men and Women.

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“I spent many days with them. They went on until he started denying himself. He once told her he had the flu but had gone to take pictures. One day she showed up in the house and left her: “I don’t even like you physically”, he said, humiliating her. He then started posting the photos on the net with his gaze towards the horizon and the viewers of the program were unleashed against Sophie. But the truth was different: it was Sophie who suffered, not him “, he told in an interview with the weekly Di Più.


greatest love gieffina

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