Puzzer and the banquet in Piazza del Popolo: «Here in Rome for an indefinite period. Ridiculous? I’m interested in sleeping at night »- The video

Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste is closed until New Year, the city protest is evident impasse and Stefano Puzzer chose to come to Rome. Since this morning he has been in Piazza del Popolo because he wants the answers from the government that he says so far he has not received on the Green pass. The sit-in started today, November 2nd, it will go on indefinitely: «From today I will stay here and I will not move from here – he explains -. If anyone arrives we will speak here with education and simplicity. Since no one has answered us, I will wait here on a bench until they come. ” The answers expected by the former spokesman of the CLPT dockers’ union and now leader of the movement “We are the people who do not give up”, born from the occupation of the port of Trieste, are obviously linked to the request for the abolition of the green certificate. And the reference is above all to the meeting with Minister Stefano Patuanelli, which took place two Saturdays ago after days of demonstrations and the eviction of the port on October 18. At that time, Puzzer and the others had asked the Trieste minister to abolish the pass and the compulsory vaccination for certain categories of workers, such as health workers. But, of course, nothing had been done about it. In Rome, the climate is very different. Around Puzzer there is a group of people shouting “No Green pass”, many of whom take the opportunity to ask for a selfie at the port of Trieste, and some curious people: «I thought I would find myself sleeping in Termini, instead someone will host us», he explains. And he says he feels sure he is on the right side: “Am I ridiculous?” The important thing is to know that you can sleep peacefully at night ». And in fact, just tonight, at 9 pm, he promised a new initiative, again in Piazza del Popolo.

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Puzzer banquet Piazza del Popolo Rome indefinite period Ridiculous interested sleeping night video

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