Teatro & Ambiente, in Rome from 4 to 6 November Meeting + Pedal Theater with 14 bikes to illuminate the show “Il Grande Giorno” at Spazio Rossellini


Theater & Atmosphere

PEDAL THEATER | from 4th to 6th November at 7.00 pm

The big day

By Daniele Ronco

Assistant dramaturg Caroline Baglioni

Editor Miranda Pisione

With Daniele Ronco and Elena Aimone

And with the extraordinary participation of Tullio Solenghi in the role of Arturo (narrator)

Directed by Raffaele Latagliata

Scene Jacopo Valsania

Assistant set designer Jasmine Pochat

Music Andrea Mario Cauduro

A Mulino ad Arte production

From Thursday 4 to Saturday 6 November, at 7 pm at Spazio Rossellini in Rome, the multidisciplinary cultural center of the Lazio Region, managed by ATCL Circuito Multidisciplinare del Lazio, Daniele Ronco’s big day produced by the Mulino ad Arte Company of Turin is staged , a show included in the artistic project dedicated to the Environment conceived by Katia Caselli not only to raise public awareness, but also to share with it the importance and criticalities of the topic. The staging of the show takes place through the formula of the Pedal Theater with fourteen Bikes capable of generating electricity. Thanks to this original system, the public will experience an experiential event in which they can help illuminate the theatrical scene by pedaling on the bike-generators.

THE BIG DAY. On stage, a forced confinement accompanied by the question: what would happen if we were suddenly forced to slow down? Ettore Stein lives in a “design” apartment that resembles an aquarium, with his wife Elisabetta and Arturo, a clownfish locked up in another small aquarium. Ettore is a candidate to become the new head of the government. He is on the verge of consecration as the youngest prime minister ever in office in Italy. The electoral campaign has just ended and Ettore just has to wait for the results of the elections, certain of being the undisputed winner. Just when it seems that everything is going for the best, Ettore is left by Elisabetta, exasperated by no longer recognizing the caring and loving boy she met at the university. Left alone with Arturo, Ettore receives an unexpected visit that projects him on a surreal and dreamlike journey, with a surprising evolution that will lead him to reconnect with his true self.

THE FORMAT. Pedal Theater is the format developed by Mulino ad Arte that allows the public to be the protagonist of a fun, original and above all green experience. Thanks to the pedaling of the spectators, a complete self-sustainability of the event is possible. The bicycles that are made available are connected to an electrical co-generation system that powers the sound-lighting system of the stage. “Teatro a Pedali ™” is the evolution of a path that Mulino ad Arte started with “I break down and I’m happy”, a theatrical show that feeds itself thanks to the effort produced by the actor on stage. The co-generation system consists of 14 bicycles that maximize the efficiency of human effort and a generator connected to a storage battery that stores the energy produced. The bicycles are attached to a stand which ensures their stability. Each bicycle, depending on the intensity of the pedaling, can produce about 150 constant watts (the equivalent of 10 low consumption light bulbs). The energy stored in this way can be used to power the electrical load of the stage by means of an inverter which transforms the battery voltage into 220v 50Hz.

THE IDEA. As Daniele Ronco explains, “The idea of ​​talking about environmental sustainability comes from the reflection that accompanied me in the months following the death of my grandfather, a person who taught me so much and whom I infinitely respect for the exemplary conduct of life held during the ninety-one years years spent on this planet. From that moment something in me changed and I made some uncomfortable but necessary choices, at least for me. Among these is that of food: I have been vegan for several years and at the beginning it was not easy, in truth it still is now; you are not ready to accept real changes, because many people, fortunately not all, are blinded by stereotypes, appearances and the pursuit of their own personal success. No, I am not vegan because I would like everyone to become vegan because I think that in 2019 it is one of the strongest actions that each of us can do for our planet. “

THE COMPANY. Mulino ad Arte is a theater company founded by Daniele Ronco, Jacopo Trebbi and Costanza Frola in 2012 and today directed by Daniele Ronco with a close-knit team, which has been working for years to transform dreams into projects made for and with the public. Over the years Mulino ad Arte has undertaken important collaborations, including Riccardo Bellandi, Daniele Salvo, Raffaele Latagliata, Marco Lorenzi, Marco Cavicchioli, Elena Aimone, Tullio Solenghi, Ugo Dighero, Pierpaolo Congiu, Lia Tomatis. The path within sustainability began in 2015 with the creation of the show “I break down and I am happy”, a zero-impact monologue powered by the actor on stage who, riding an old Bianchi, produces the energy necessary to self- light up. In 2017 followed by “Chaos – Humanoid B12”, a show that sounds like a warning to humanity, immersed in a world where history repeats itself cyclically, endangering the survival of the species. Subsequently, the innovative project “Pedal Theater” was conceived, an experiential format that allows to feed a live event thanks to the pedaling of the public. 2020 was the year of the debut of “The big day”. During the same year, a first study of “A planet takes place” was also presented, which addresses the key issues for a sustainable future: food, transport and overcrowding.

“After several years of research we have focused our creative energy in favor of green production. We love our planet and we want to reflect through the theater on the great challenges of our present. According to our ethics, living in harmony with the house that hosts us comes first, because without this harmony nothing can exist anymore. We want to make this theme popular in its noblest sense and dispel the myth that the green does not “show”, conquer new audiences, especially the most skeptical of this topic. Since we embraced the green cause, in our shows we talk about sustainability trying to talk about it as little as possible, through the presentation of antithetical characters who embody or repudiate it. The style with which we write the lyrics often uses a dystopian and surreal approach, without ever losing touch with reality. ” Art Mill

Spazio Rossellini is the multidisciplinary cultural center of the Lazio Region, managed by ATCL Circuito Multidisciplinare del Lazio, which offers a program, aimed at spectators of all ages, which includes all live performing arts, artistic residency projects, with a particular predilection to the promotion of the artists of the regional territory. The artistic design care is by Katia Caselli.


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