When Playstation Plus games are released November 2021: date and time

When are the PlayStation Plus video games released for November? Here is the date and time when the long-awaited titles will be unlocked.

Playstation plus

Playstation plus is one of the most popular and subscribed subscriptions in the world of video games. It is in fact the type of subscription, for a fee, that Sony makes available for all those who have a Playstation and who want to unlock the privileges and the complete Sony experience.

By activating the Playstation Plus it is possible to have many advantages, which make the gaming experience much more pleasant and rich. In fact, it is possible to take advantage of storage space in the cloud, have important discounts on the PS Store, have the online modes of all the games, and of course exclusive packages and the famous games of the month.

All at a relatively low price, around 59.99 euros per year. A figure, however, that can sometimes be lowered by taking advantage of the offers that are often available. This is why we suggest you always keep an eye on the price trend, because you could also find a full year of Plus for just 45 euros, a very affordable figure.

That’s when the free Playstation Plus games of November 2021 come out

Playstation logo

Soon the Playstation Plus games of November 2021 will be available for download for all subscribers. We remind you that if you are not currently a subscriber you can subscribe immediately to the service through the PS Store or using the link above, in order to be able to access the games in question within the time of the decided 30 days in which it will be free.

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But when will the November 6 games be available? Usually Playstation updates its store on the first Tuesday of the month, between 12 and 14, so in all probability just after lunch you can already start downloading the games in question and try them as soon as the download is complete.



Playstation games released November date time

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