Marina Cicogna, to the microphones of “Today is another day”, a Rai Uno broadcast conducted by Serena Bortone, declared that the cinema of her time was a different world from today: “Now there is no more intellectual feeling, everyone thinks of himself”. There is one of his closest friends Gianni Agnelli: “An extraordinary friend, with very fast insights. He was really extraordinary, if you called him every time you had a different opinion from him. We often went skiing together, although he was practically without a leg. He was full of life and curiosity, at least until his son died. Edoardo’s death was a break in his life “.

Later, he recalled the period connected to thechildhood, which she recalls as a truly fantastic and beautiful moment, and then remembers Florinda Bolkan, her former partner: “The gossip about us? I have never considered them important, also because there are many gossip about everyone “. Today at her side is Benedetta, “A person with a much more difficult character than Florinda’s, but more stable”. (update by Alessandro Nidi)

Marina Cicogna and the relationship with Florinda Bolkan

Marina Cicogna, or rather Marina Cicogna Mozzoni Volpi di Misurata, is the granddaughter of Count Giuseppe Volpi, founder of the Venice Film Festival. Marina Cicogna, now 87 years old, was linked for 20 years to Brazilian actress Florinda Bolkan, pseudonym of Florinda Soares Bulcão. It was the producer who discovered the actress in 1968 and introduced her to the world of the jet-set. Speaking about his homosexuality and the relationship with Florinda Bolkan, Marina Cicogna said on the pages of She: “It was natural, friendship with a girl turns into something else, you meet a person and it happens, in my case it was Florinda. I have a lot of admiration for those who had to fight with courage, but for me there were no particular discussions, my mother saw me arrive in Tripoli with Florinda, it was just like that“. The two women were together for twenty years, then their story ended: “Florinda is very Brazilian, free, volatile. With a beauty inextricably linked to youth. Ephebic, sensual, she resembled no other: it was almost impossible for her to age well. At the age of 50 he began to skid. It went, it came and then again and again. One day she never came back”, He told a IoWoman.

Marina Cicogna has adopted her partner Benedetta

For thirty years Marina Cicogna is linked to Benedetta, 25 years younger, who adopted “to guarantee you a peaceful future“. The two women met at the theater after the film producer’s relationship with Florinda Bolkan ended. “Benedetta is a girl from Modena who graduated in Bologna. We became friends, then she started helping me with many things. For example, she deals with everything technological in my work … I understood that Benedetta would have nothing, one day, if I hadn’t adopted her”, He told the weekly newspaper some time ago Spend. And he added: “For me it is important to count on someone’s presence, even if it often ends up arguing: it is not easy to relate to someone who has had a very different education from yours and belongs to another generation. Fortunately, there is always trust and respect “. Marina described comrade Benedetta as “a baby lion (she was born in August), scratchy and stubborn, sometimes hurt, sometimes enthusiastic, with that natural elegance of Italian girls who are descended from those who work in the countryside“. Benedetta, on the other hand, of the “Countess of Cinecittà” he said: “I have always been struck by his inexhaustible curiosity, the will to live, the talent for a thousand things and the extraordinary ability to create a world of beauty around him!”.


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