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Rai, Pd and Forza Italia accuse Report: “It broadcast a service that supports the theses of No Vax and No Green Pass”. Question to Fuortes

Rai, Pd and Forza Italia accuse Report: “It broadcast a service that supports the theses of No Vax and No Green Pass”. Question to Fuortes
Rai, Pd and Forza Italia accuse Report: “It broadcast a service that supports the theses of No Vax and No Green Pass”. Question to Fuortes

“Its Report a long compendium of the most irresponsible No Vax and no Green Pass theses was broadcast “. There’s no two without three aired on Monday 1 November, they ask for “clarification” from the company’s top management with a targeted question. The dems point the finger at the segment of the broadcast that concerned the anti-Covid vaccines. “Self-styled nurses, unrecognizable and covered by anonymity as if they were mafia repentants – argue the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party – who claim in the service that they were infected due to the responsibility of the pharmaceutical companies”.

And the deputy of Come on Italy in the Supervisory Committee, Andrea Ruggeri, adds: “I’m sorry to hear from Report the indifferent complaint that ‘the vaccine is the business of pharmaceutical companies’. Rai’s broadcast – he concludes – should exalt scientific progress and its benefits rather than offering arguments to skeptics about the goodness of the vaccine “.

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November 01, 2021

Accusations that however the conductor of Report, Siegfried Ranucci, rejects to the sender. “I’m fed up with these accusations. I’m vaccinated like all the editorial staff of the show, but as a journalist I have to be free to tell about critical issues. What would – he asks – the No Vax contents? I believe that the parliamentarians have not seen the report”.

The accusations of the Pd

According to the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party, the Rai3 broadcasting service would have questioned the effectiveness of the anti-Covid vaccines, thus supporting the theses of the No Vax. In the investigation, explain the dem, “a self-styled ‘collaborator of the Technical Scientific Committee’, also unrecognizable and anonymous, denounces the total inexperience of the body on which political decisions to protect public health are based from the beginning of the pandemic” . And then again “doubts about the efficacy of vaccines, doubts about the duration of antibody coverage, completely far-fetched claims about the ‘large frequency of side effects’ after the administration of the anti Covid vaccine were expressed”. Furthermore, in the broadcast there were, for the members of the Pd of the Rai Supervisory Commission, “conspiracy speculations on the ‘big business of the third dose’ held by ‘multinational drug companies’ concentrated only on’ accumulating enormous profits with the loss of effectiveness of the third dose ‘, as well as doubts about the effectiveness of the Green Pass and its possible extension “.

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November 01, 2021

Reason why the dems speak of “a very serious episode of disinformation on a public service radio and television network, all the more questionable because it occurred just when health workers, journalists and representatives of institutions are the target of No Vax and No Green Pass demonstrations, often violent , which feed on the falsehoods contained and disseminated by the service Report”.

The defense of Ranucci

The presenter of Report, Ranucci, however, does not fit in and replies piqued: “It is from No Vax to say that on 9 September Aifa was wrong to choose too quickly to inject the Moderna vaccine at full dose when the Moderna company itself six days earlier had he recommended half the dose? “. And he adds: “Is it from No Vax to ask that nurses swab more frequently who risk getting infected because the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases? Is it from No Vax to ask to carefully monitor the antibodies for prevention?”.

The investigation, Ranucci continues, “had as guests scientists of the caliber of FDA members and brought Israel as a virtuous example, which has already vaccinated 65% of the population by studying the behavior of antibodies, while in Italy there is no trace of one. ISS study announced a year ago. Only the Niguarda laboratory in Milan is doing a voluntary study “. In short, for the conductor those of the parliamentarians are only groundless accusations. “Only one nurse from the service did not appear on the video, but the others – he explains – starting with the unions, put their faces on it and there is no nurse who says she got infected because of the pharmaceutical companies. I don’t know what program they saw. “.

Finally, Ranucci recalls how the service broadcast yesterday ended. At the end of the episode, he says, it was emphasized that “you have to take the third dose, asking for attention, however, to do it to young people, and above all that the Green Pass is valid for six months, not 12. The opposite of what they accuse us of. If anything – he concludes – there was an ethical message: let’s also think about vaccinating those in the third world who don’t even have the first dose “.

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