Massimo Wertmuller | Lina director | parents | wife | I remember Gigi Proietti

Massimo Wertmuller | Lina director | parents | wife | I remember Gigi Proietti
Massimo Wertmuller | Lina director | parents | wife | I remember Gigi Proietti


Massimo Wermuller is a famous name in the world of Italian acting. A brilliant actor, appreciated as much in the theater as in the cinema and on television. A long career, his, also enriched by experiences as a voice actor.

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Who is Massimo Wertmuller

Born in Rome on August 13, 1956, Massimo Wertmuller made his debut in the theater in 1976, starring in Luci di Bohéme. Two years later he started dating the laboratory of exercises of Gigi Proietti. The late actor was in fact his teacher.

After this path he founded a comedy group, La Zavorra, together with some classmates. All active in cabaret theater and television entertainment. In 1984 he made his film debut with The End of the World in Our Usual Bed on a Rainy Night, directed by his aunt. Lina Wertmuller.

He has worked as a voice actor on films such as The Fabulous World of Amelie, The Next Three Days and It’s Never Too Late, among others. Instead, the roles on television are varied. From The team to Che Dio Help us, from Squadra Antimafia 7 to 1992, up to the most recent Mina Settembre.

Lina Wertmuller

An important surname, which immediately brings to mind that of the famous director Lina Wertmuller, Massimo’s aunt. Born in Rome on August 14, 1928, she is a true icon of world cinema. In addition to the role of director, over time she has also dedicated herself to that of screenwriter and writer.

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She was the first woman in history to be Oscar nominated (won for his career in 2020) as best director for the film Pasqualino Settebellezze. Massimo Wertmuller’s family, however, is totally immersed in the world of entertainment. In fact, since 2018 he has been married to actress Anna Ferruzzo.

The memory of Gigi Proietti

Massimo Wertmuller’s training began with Gigi Proietti, of which he has always had a very dear memory: “He was the last number one in Italy. Impossible to collect his legacy. Italy mourns him for the smile he has been able to give and then there we are, the guys from his first workshop. We mourn him as a teacher but not only. I carry within me his greatest teaching, namely the joy of being on stage ”.

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