The air that pulls, the incredible defense of Novara’s no green pass infuriates Myrta Merlino – Il Tempo

The air that pulls, the incredible defense of Novara’s no green pass infuriates Myrta Merlino – Il Tempo
The air that pulls, the incredible defense of Novara’s no green pass infuriates Myrta Merlino – Il Tempo

“To see the associations with the Shoah was the journalist” Dialogue between the deaf in L’aria che tira tra, the broadcast conducted on Tuesday 2 November by Myrta Merlino. In connection there is Giusy Pace, the nurse who organized the demonstration against the green pass in Novara in which activists paraded disguised as deportees to concentration camps. The procession, told by La Stampa, caused violent controversy.

First of all, the nurse and trade unionist protests because she wants to be called into question as president of the association that organized the protest. After a long and rather inconclusive preamble, we get to the point: why did you choose to compare yourself to the Jews exterminated in the concentration camps, is the presenter’s question. “The green pass affects human rights, we used the symbol to bring people to reasoning” says Peace, who accuses the “indifferent” press: “The intention to compare the initiative” to concentration camps “is it was of the journalist of the Press who did not even confront us “, is the curious defense of the trade unionist who compares the green certificate certifying the vaccination” with the bread card “of fascism.

Because “the green pass wants to lead to the vaccine obligation” and undermines “human rights” is the activist’s theory. “But what does it have to do with the Shoah and the striped bibs, he’s been talking for half an hour and I can’t understand” Merlin snaps.

The Novara demonstration provoked angry reactions, not only from Jews. He would make that choice again, then asks the host. Peace replies that it has seen a “flood of hatred in the newspapers” against her and her association. “But what river of hatred, but where is this hatred … Have you heard the Jewish communities protesting?” the presenter attacks with the interlocutor who replies: “Even there there are splits”. “But what, everyone condemns the demonstration!” glosses Myrta.

In short, we do not go beyond the wall against the wall. Would you do this event again or not? “I’m evaluating legal actions against Carlo Bologna”, the press journalist who brought up the story. “The question is, would that reporter do that article again?” the woman then asks, and the question obviously falls on deaf ears.

The lady, as mentioned, is a nurse and trade unionist but “I have never infected anyone in the ward”, she claims. Then it’s the turn of Marco Damilano: “He has a half-hour speech, he also wants to rectify the real news like the one who is a nurse. He says things contrary to his mission, since his association promotes health on paper” exclaims the editor of L’Espresso.

The question and answer goes on without anyone taking a step towards the interlocutor, the stalemate is total. “His right to demonstrate ends where mine not to get sick”, Merlin concludes. “That’s fine,” says Pace who threatens to close the connection.

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