Boys killed in Herculaneum, for the judge “could not have a chance”. Palumbo remains in the cell

Boys killed in Herculaneum, for the judge “could not have a chance”. Palumbo remains in the cell
Boys killed in Herculaneum, for the judge “could not have a chance”. Palumbo remains in the cell

Eleven pistol shots, from top to bottom, at close range, with pinpoint accuracy. Eleven shots, against a Fiat Panda in motion but not on the run. Eleven shots for a double murder, carried out with cold determination, in the night between 28 and 29 October, on the outskirts of Ercolano. Vincenzo Palumbo, 53, hauler, remains in prison. It was he who fired. And no doubt about this. The judge says the two boys, Giuseppe Fusella, 26 years old, e Tullio Pagliaro, 27, of Portici, “They could not have a chance”: reduced the speed of the car, reduced the distance of the car they were on, reduced the possibility of error, given the barrage of “gunshots exploded by Palumbo, a subject accustomed to use of arms as a hunter and holder of a regular license of arms ». One hell of a night. Palumbo, accused of double voluntary homicide, was in prison and remains there, even more so now after the validation interrogation and the precautionary detention order signed by gip of Naples Carla Sarno. He killed instantly because he says he mistook them for thieves. They weren’t: Pagliaro worked in the family business, Fusella was about to graduate in Motor Science. “They couldn’t have escaped.” And they didn’t. Killed instantly under a barrage of shots. Eleven.

Herculaneum, murder of Tullio and Giuseppe: «Killed with unprecedented ferocity». The truck driver remains in prison

Herculaneum, the truck driver stopped: “He shot to kill.” Eleven gunshots on Tullio and Giuseppe

The 112 call 26 minutes after the shooting

“He fired eleven shots towards the Panda, which was in motion and was moving away, from the balcony of his apartment which is raised from the road by 2-3 meters, from top to bottom and pointing towards the car”: the vision of the images of video surveillance systems it would eliminate the last doubts about the dynamics of the tragedy. Events can also follow foolproof ballistic trajectories as the case dresses in mourning, takes the pistol from its holster and fires with precision. No possibility of escaping death: Palumbo, in addition to the 40-caliber Beretta, also owned two hunting rifles. «Accustomed to the use of weapons …». The videos place the double murder between 00.25.49 and 00.28.15 of last Friday. The call to 112 starts exactly 26 minutes after the shots. To call the carabinieri, Palumbo himself.

The defense: shoot in the dark, the two mistaken for thieves

“I shot, but in the dark. I thought they were thieves. ‘ The thesis of the accused was not enough to remove accusations and detention in the cell from himself. For two hours the suspect was heard in prison in Poggioreale, in the presence of the suspect’s lawyer Fioravanti De Rosa and the magistrates who follow in the case (deputy prosecutor Varone, deputy prosecutor Filippelli). And for two hours he told its truth. “There was no willingness on the part of my client to bring about this tragedy. Now we will evaluate what to do also because we have to acquire documents and then we will appeal to the Review Court, ”announced the lawyer De Rosa. “I would like to remind everyone – he added – that Vincenzo Palumbo is also a father and has a family: when he realized that the victims were good guys, he was seized by a serious inner crisis and today they also realized the judge and prosecutors. My client basically confirmed the statements made before the investigators in the first phase in the Carabinieri barracks in Torre del Greco ». The judge did not validate the arrest: he considered the danger of repetition of the crime existed but not that of escape. For this he issued a precautionary custody order in prison. Tomorrow the appointment of the experts forautopsy examination, scheduled for Wednesday 3 November, from 4 pm, in the Secondo Policlinico hospital in Naples. Then the bodies, currently under sequestration, will be returned to their respective families. THE funeral they could therefore be held on Thursday 4 November a Portici, municipality on the outskirts of Naples in which both resided.

The pain of families: “Unheard of ferocity”

Waiting for the truth. And pain. The family members of the two boys, through their lawyer, Maurizio Capozzo, express “gratitude and respect” to the investigators for the “great work done”. Above all, they speak of a crime committed with “unprecedented ferocity that has no explanation and deserves no comment“. The magistrates “showed great humanity and respect for our pain. We rely completely on them to shed light on this tragedy that has destroyed our lives ». For now, the certainty is that “justice will be done” on the matter. Assisted by the lawyer, Tullio’s family members (mother, father, sister together with uncle) were also listened to for a long time by carabinieri, in the barracks, in Herculaneum. One of the aspects still to be clarified is the reason why the two friends were at that time in via Marsiglia, in San Vito di Ercolano, a particularly isolated area on the slopes of Vesuvius. «The most accepted hypothesis is that they were going to meet some friends who live in the area, but they got lost»Explains the lawyer. A fatal circumstance.

The banner of the fans: two children of this city

In Portici, the hometown of the two young people, a banner with the words ‘Justice and solidarity for two children of this city’ was posted by the football team’s ultras. Mayor, Vincenzo Cuomo, he laid flowers in front of the banner. The pain does not subside. And it remains, like the bewilderment of an unheard-of and absurd death.

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