“Pretelli fixed at Domenica In”, Pier stunned


Surprise announcement of ‘Aunt’ Mara in the studio orchestrated by Alberto Matano

Published on November 1, 2021

Pierpaolo Pretelli regular guest at Domenica In: this is not an indiscretion, but a real announcement made by the hostess of the festive afternoon talk of the Rai flagship network. Mara Venier, guest a Life live during the episode broadcast on November 1, 2021, he left everyone stunned by explaining that there is a project ready and sewn on the former gieffino, currently engaged in Tale and Quali Show. As soon as his adventure at the court of Carlo Conti ends, Pretelli will then land on Domenica In.

The ‘Aunt’ first sang the praises of Giulia Salemi’s boyfriend, underlining the excellent path she is doing at Tale and Which Show (in fact the young man from Maratea is convincing everyone in the program broadcast in prime time, in the Friday evening of Rai Uno). Then he told: “I want to share this thing that only Pier and I know. I am thinking of him within the current Domenica In corso ”. “Scoop, this is devastating news … crazy”, the reaction of Pierpaolo, who made fun of him, imitating the way of speaking of Cristiano Malgioglio.

So the blessing of the helmsman of La vita in vero has arrived, Alberto Matano: “We have news, so Pier will be at Domenica In “. “Now Tale and Which ends, I’m already thinking of a very strong game to entrust to him “, added Mara Venier, triggering a second stunned reaction from the model: “I thought that after Such and What I was unemployed. And instead you will see me again on Rai “.

Shortly before landing in the program led by Matano, Pierpaolo switched from that of Serena Bortone, being hosted in Today is another day. Also in this case, the former velino of Striscia la Notizia has left its mark. As soon as he set foot in the studio he launched a poisonous dig at Albano.

“I am unemployed between episodes, if Milly wants me … I don’t have any kind of concert anywhere in the world!”. This is how Pretelli presented himself, referring to Albano. Bortone immediately grasped the reference, making fun of the joke: “Badness, we noticed this! “. But why did Pierpaolo tease the Cellino San Marco singer?

Because in Dancing with the Stars, a few days ago, a small case broke out. Carrisi retired because the teacher with whom he danced was injured. However, someone has pointed out that in similar cases, the dancer is replaced. And someone else argued that Albano would like to leave to be able to do concerts abroad. The person concerned intervened on the matter, defending himself and rejecting the accusations.

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