Naples, double murder in Herculaneum: the 53-year-old truck driver who shot him goes to jail

Naples, double murder in Herculaneum: the 53-year-old truck driver who shot him goes to jail
Naples, double murder in Herculaneum: the 53-year-old truck driver who shot him goes to jail

Pre-trial detention in prison for Vincenzo Palumbo, 53-year-old hauler who must answer for the double murder of Tullio Pagliaro, 27 years old, e Giuseppe Fusella, 26, killed in Herculaneum on the night between 28 and 29 October. The measure was ordered by the judge for the preliminary investigation Carla Sarno on the morning of November 1st. The hearing to validate the arrest was held in the Neapolitan prison of Poggioreale, where Palumbo was taken on the evening of October 29: on this date a detention order was carried out at the end of a very long interrogation.

“The magistrates demonstrated great humanity and respect for our pain ”, let Pagliaro’s family know through their lawyer, the lawyer Maurizio Capozzo. “We rely completely on them to shed light on this tragedy that has destroyed our lives, in the certainty that justice will be done for a crime of unprecedented ferocity that has no explanation and does not deserve comments”, conclude the family. L’autopsy it will be performed on Wednesday 3 November at 4 pm and will take place at the Second Polyclinic of Naples. The bodies – currently sequestered – will later be returned to their respective families.

On the morning of November 1, the parents and other family members of the two boys were heard by the investigators in the barracks in Herculaneum, to try to shed more light on the last hours. One of the aspects still not entirely clear in the reconstruction of the facts is the reason why the two young people were at that time in via Marsiglia, San Vito di Ercolano, a particularly isolated area on the slopes of Vesuvius. “The most accredited hypothesis is that they were going to meet friends who live in the area, but they got lost,” attorney Maurizio Capozzo explains to Adnkronos. To the judge, Palumbo reported that he had shot several times but in the dark. “There was no willingness on the part of my client to bring about this tragedy. Now we will evaluate what to do also because we have to acquire documents and then we will resort to Court of Review“Said his lawyer De Rosa.

Everything happened with precision in the locality San Vito (in Herculaneum), in front of the truck driver’s house. The latter exploded 11 shots against the two boys because – he said – he had them mistaken for thieves. According to the video from the surveillance cameras, however, Fusella and Pagliaro were not in possession of weapons or tools for burglary and had not hidden their faces. Also from the videos it emerges that Palumbo shot at them when they were already driving away.


Naples double murder Herculaneum #53yearold truck driver shot jail

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