Tragic road accident in Benevento, a man dies

Tragic road accident in Benevento, a man dies
Tragic road accident in Benevento, a man dies

Tragic road accident this afternoon on the outskirts of Benevento. It happened along the state road 90 bis, a few hundred meters from the entrance to the Capodimonte district, along a stretch characterized by a series of uphill curves. It is here that a man driving his small car probably ended up on the embankment after losing control of the vehicle and the car then rolled over on its side, overwhelming him. Firefighters from the nearby provincial command, carabinieri and traffic police officers rushed to the scene. Unfortunately, the intervention of the 118 health workers was useless. Upon their arrival, there was already nothing more to be done for the unfortunate person. The road accident in a stretch of road often the scene of accidents.

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The victim is a 68 year old originally from Paduli but resident in Benevento. The investigations by the carabinieri are now underway to try to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the tragic accident.

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Doctor Paolo Ferravante, an esteemed and well-known urologist, is the victim of the tragic road accident that occurred this afternoon along the 90 bis. The dynamics and causes of the accident have to be ascertained. According to a first reconstruction, the man would have ended up with the car on an embankment. The Clio would then have turned over on its side, overwhelming him. This detail suggests that during the accident the victim ended up outside the cockpit. Hypothesis that is now being examined by the investigations of the carabinieri who carried out the findings.
On the orders of the magistrate, the medical examiner also carried out an inspection at the scene of the accident. Subsequently, the body was transferred to the San Pio morgue in Benevento pending any medical-legal investigations. The car was seized for further surveys and investigations.

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